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   Chapter 398 Who is More Important The Child or Terence (Part Two)

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I originally thought that Noah might be the one whom I can rely on when I'm old. I thought he would be a good candidate to hand the family business over to. However, now..." Andrea sighed and didn't complete her words.

Carla bit her lower lip slightly and couldn't feel at ease after hearing this. She knew Andrea was thinking about what he did to her. She pondered quietly in her heart, 'The Hua family used to be quite harmonious before. Now it is being torn apart. Mother has spent so much time and energy bringing them up. Are they really going to completely forget Mother's kindness and love for them? How did this happen?

Is it true that they only cared about money?

If so, then I can understand the reason why they act like this now.

Even brothers can sacrifice each other, fighting for the family fortune, let alone them. They don't even share a blood relationship, after all. I guess money really can change a person. Or were they always like this and mom and I just didn't see it?

So, even if I hadn't come back, they wouldn't have returned anyway. At this rate, it's highly probable that they all would end up being enemies sooner or later.'

Time flew quickly by.

Carla had been staying with the Hua family for nearly half a month now.

She was feeling much better. She could take walks outside from time to time. However, she didn't stay outside for long, because every time, Andrea would lecture her over and over again. According to Andrea, Carla shouldn't have gone out until she was absolutely sure that she had fully recovered. Carla needed to pay more attention to her health and not roam around.

Carla thought that she had already recovered. But with Andrea there to take care of her, she didn't dare to do anything disobedient. She had no choice but to enjoy the easy and simple life. She didn't do much. She just indulged herself in eating and sleeping. Eventually, she was worried that she would gain extra weight.

Terence had called her almost every day during the past two weeks. However, she just let Andrea answer the calls. She didn't pick up the phone even once.

Besides phone calls, she had also received many texts from him.

Grandpa Nicholas had his surgery a few days ago and it was rather successful. Terence had also texted to tell her that grandfather had gradually recovered and kept asking to see her. He wanted to know when Carla would have time to visit Grandpa Nicholas together.

Carla knew that Grandpa Nicholas was eager to meet her. She had also been looking forward to meeting him with Terence before the miscarriage.


t are you worried about? I'm going to ask you something. Who is more important? The child or Terence?" Andrea held onto Carla's hands and asked straightforwardly.

Without any hesitation, Carla immediately blurted out, "Of course, Terence is much more important."

"Well, you see? That's it then. You have to heed my advice, Callie. Do you still want to get pregnant before getting married? Take my words into serious consideration, darling."

Andrea had made up her mind that Carla and Terence had to get married first.

As long as they were married, even if they had trouble in the future conceiving a baby, this problem would be solved by them, together. And Terence would be legally responsible for Carla.

Andrea thought that as soon as the matters in the Hua family were ironed out, Carla's marriage would be the utmost priority. It was time that Carla and Terence tied the knot!

They had already announced that Carla's engagement with Noah was cancelled and Carla had already recovered from her miscarriage. It was finally time to talk with the An family about the marriage between her and Terence.

"Yes, I see, mother. Didn't you say that we will have a meeting in the Hua Group today? Let's get going, alright? Or we will be late." Carla changed the subject after calming herself from her concerns. Her mother was right. She had been so sad over losing her child that she forgot that Terence was more important.

If something was meant to be, it would definitely happen. Maybe it wasn't destined for Carla to have that baby. Carla had no other choice but to accept it.

It had already been over a month since she last saw Noah.

There would certainly be conflicts between them when they meet this time.

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