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   Chapter 397 Who is More Important The Child or Terence (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7137

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There was no doubt that the person was Terence.

Andrea looked at Carla, who seemed rather anxious. She let out a long sigh. How did things get to this point? Andrea said in a helpless tone, "Callie, I'll go and talk to Terence. I'm going to tell him that you will stay here at the moment and will go back with him days later. That will leave you some breathing room. Also, you can both calm down. Is that okay?"

Carla nodded absentmindedly. Her mind, at that time, wasn't on the words her mom said. For lack of a better solution, she agreed to her mom's suggestion.

She didn't think she would ever want to see Terence again. And she definitely did not want to see him right at that moment.

If she went back with him now, then he would certainly take her and get the marriage certificate. He would pretend like nothing was wrong and he would force her to marry him. She would have been happy with that before. However, she wasn't in the mood to even think about marriage with Terence. Her mind was a mess. So many different thoughts were going through her head and she was happy about Andrea's temporary solution.

Andrea left to speak to Terence. After a while, she came back.

It was clear that the conversation she had with Terence wasn't pleasant. She walked over to Carla and said in a gentle voice, "Callie, I talked to him. But he insisted on seeing you. It took quite a while for me to persuade him to leave you here. I told him that he could come and see you after you have recovered and are feeling much better."

Hearing her mother's words, Carla heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as she didn't have to see him, everything was alright. At the moment she had no idea how to face him. She didn't know what she would say or do. Maybe after a few days, she would feel better and muster up the courage to face him.

"Callie darling, I could tell that he was really concerned about you. His voice betrayed his anxiousness. He obviously cares about you very much. And he sounded quite guilty. He admitted that it was all his fault. You have every right to blame him. As your mother, you know I will always be on your

they didn't regard the Hua family as their home anymore. What a pity!

"Since your father passed away, there has been no strong leader in the family. In the past, he used to rule with an iron fist. They were all afraid of your father and dared not disobey him. However, as you can see, there's no one now to strictly discipline them. They have all become runaway horses. They do what they want to do and don't even care about me or the family anymore."

Carla could feel her mom's pain in her words. What kind of mother would be happy seeing her children like a pile of loose sand? They held no familial affection and left the burdens of the Hua family all to Andrea. Carla could share her mom's feelings so she held Andrea even more tightly in her arms. She guiltily asked, "Mother, is it my fault? Are they not here because of the fact that I'm back?

So they think that they are not needed by the family anymore?"

Andrea shook her head and rebuked, "My darling girl, what are you talking about? Even if you have come back, so what? The fact that they have been brought up by me and your father can't be changed. If they have any filial piety, they would have shown it long ago. As such, there is no conflict between you and them not returning. Time reveals a person's true heart. When your father was alive, they put on a good show of being filial and loving. But as time passes, their true nature is revealed.

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