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   Chapter 395 Signed Your Name (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5701

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The doctor bowed her head to show courtesy after telling Terence what he needed to know. She didn't want to scare him about the worst things that could happen but it was part of her job as a doctor. She wanted to give them hope but Carla's condition was not as positive as it should have been.

Carla had suffered heavy bleeding before and on top of that, the abortion today would only make things worse for her. These incidents would create a bad impact on her health and weaken her body over time.

"Terence, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have mentioned anything about Carla's pregnancy,"

said Theo, who was standing beside Terence the whole time. He also heard the doctor and felt a pang of guilt because of what he did. He struck his face hard in front of Terence as punishment for his stupidity.

He realized that if he hadn't said that Carla was pregnant, Rena would not have attacked her!

'Rena was out of her mind. She went as far as attempting to commit suicide, let alone take revenge on Carla. It was stupid of me. How could I not think it through?

It was all my fault. I shouldn't have told her about that in the first place!' Theo thought.

Meanwhile, Terence just looked blankly at the man. He didn't even give Theo a response. Instead, he pushed him away and then walked towards Carla's ward.

When Terence stepped in, he saw that Carla was already awake.

However, she was just staring motionlessly at the ceiling.

It was in every women's nature to love a child as soon as they came into their lives. Their babies are said to become inseparable from their bodies, more so, from their hearts. It was normal for any mother to be heartbroken in this situation. After all,

I have asked the staff from the Civil Affairs Bureau to come to the hospital. We will register our marriage today. Right here."

Carla didn't object to his proposal. She nodded her head in agreement and said, "Okay. Let's do it."

Although their baby was gone, they still had to move on.

"But Terence, since your grandfather is going to have an operation, I think it would be better not to tell him about the baby. We can tell him everything after his operation."

Terence held her hands after hearing what she said. He was moved by how considerate she was. He couldn't believe that Carla was still putting his grandfather first even though she was suffering from loss.

With his resolve strengthened, Terence walked out of the ward.

His strides were fast and long. Soon, he turned to the corner at the corridor's end.

Rainer and Nathan stood guard outside Carla's ward when Terence passed them by. Nathan immediately followed Terence, feeling concerned.

He saw Terence slamming his fist against the wall in anger, as if to release all his pain. Anxiously, Nathan rushed to Terence and pulled him away from the wall.

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