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   Chapter 394 Signed Your Name (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6042

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Then, another open-handed slap landed heavily on Rena's face.

Rena's father felt how hard he struck her judging by how much his palm hurt. He showed no mercy to Rena, making sure that every slap could be heard!

Disregarding the sharp pain in his hands and his palpitating heart, Rena's father pointed his finger at her and roared, "You are so shameless! How did I end up having a worthless daughter like you? Are you even aware that you didn't just humiliate yourself? You've humiliated me, your mother and everyone else around you! You've made a joke out of the whole family!"

Pausing for a second, her father closed his eyes and continued, "You are such an idiot!

Why can't you be satisfied with what we have? Why do you have to make such a fuss about everything? Can't you see where greed is leading you? If something happens to that girl's child, our family will become the An Family's enemy! We will have nowhere to hide in this city and they will make us suffer!"

Meanwhile on the third floor of that same building, in the gynecological department.

The doctor who was checking Carla's vital signs, stared at her with concern.

Carla was in a lot of pain and she was crying on the hospital bed.

"We are running out of time. We should hurry up and perform an operation!"

Tiny beads of sweat appeared on Carla's forehead as her face went deathly pale. She gasped for air and said, "What do you mean, doctor? How is my baby doing? Is everything all right?"

"You are bleeding. You will suffer from severe hemorrhage if we do not perform the operation now. I'm sorry to say this but there's a high chance that you are going to lose the baby,"

said the doctor with a sad expression.

"No! No! Terence, I don't want to lose our child! No..." While she groaned in pain and shook he

se injected the anesthetic drugs for her operation.

His heart broke over and over again with every struggle she made during the process.

It was only after she had lost consciousness that they were able to take her to the operating room.

Carla was taken to the hospital's VIP ward after the operation.

She was still in a comatose state since the anesthetics hadn't worn off.

The doctor who was responsible for the operation turned to Terence, who was quietly waiting outside her hospital room, and said, "Mr. Terence, since the baby was the patience's first child and she had to get an abortion because of the accident..." She paused, gave Terence a sad stare and continued, "There's a big chance that she might not be able to conceive a baby anymore.

However, that would be the worst-case scenario. We are still not sure about that. If I am going to base my diagnosis on her specific condition, things might still turn out differently.

If you still want a child in the future, you two should have a complete physical examination. Neither of you should be hiding any physical ailments from the doctors so that if there is any problem you can get medical treatment for it immediately."

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