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   Chapter 393 The Maniac

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Terence looked at Rena

and asked with a cold voice, "Aren't you getting tired of this, Rena?

I don't owe you anything. We pretended to be a couple once and I treated you very well. We both know that's the truth! While we were together, I gave you and your family a generous sum of money. You couldn't earn that amount of money even you worked for it your whole life!

I don't like to put it that way, but you've forced me to do it. We were together for only two months, but you got a lot of money from me! You're such a greedy woman. Believe me when I say this, I am going to take back everything that I gave you, and you only have yourself to blame for it!"

Rena's parents heard Terence. They were just standing behind her as they observed the situation. They panicked at his words and immediately rushed towards her. Her father held her hands and said, "Please don't make a scene, Rena. You should come home with us right now!"

"Your father is right. Your relationship with Mr. Terence lasted for just two months, and he was kind enough to help us financially. Let's not ask for anything else. We should be heading home!"

Rena's mother pleaded desperately as she pulled her towards the exit.

Rena lived an average life since she came from a mediocre family. But when she was with Terence, she received a lot of gifts worth millions of dollars. Aside from that, there were other material things that were given to her during their short-lived relationship.

Some of those antiques were believed to increase in value over time and would eventually be worth a lot more than it initially was.

That amount of support she had received was immense. They would easily be able to live a good life.

And they clearly knew that they would never get such an opportunity from someone else. No one would spend a fortune just to have a relationship with an average girl.

Most importantly, Terence never laid a finger on their daughter. Not even once.

"Dad, mom! What are you talking about? Did you think that I was just after his money and wealth? I love Terence. I don't care about his money. Even without all the material things, I would still choose to be with him!"

Rena yelled at them.

When he heard Rena, Theo who was standing behind her gave an embarrassed cough.

"Would you please get over yourself, Rena? Carla and Terence has been together through thick and thin. Their relationship is strong enough to survive anything. How dare you compare your relationship to what they have? We all know that Carla is having his child. They are going to get married. If you want to keep on being such a drama queen, do so at your own expense. I will not help you anymore!"

Theo made his stance clear.

Hearing what he just said, Rena quickly laid her eyes on Carla's tummy. Her eyes darkened and her face was filled with hatred. Furious, she rushed towards Carla

ed up towards Carla at full speed.

Rena's mind kept repeating one thought. 'Terence never even touched me when we were together. But that woman already has his child!

What is that supposed to mean?

It's because Terence slept with that women when we were together!'

Rena couldn't accept that. She just could not.

Everything happened so fast. Terence did not anticipate the speed at which Rena rushed at Carla. In a moment of pure desperation, he cried out, "Carla!"

He tried to catch Carla's hands, but he was already too late. Rena's rammed into Carla's waist from the back with her forehead.

Although Terence eventually managed to pull Carla into his arms, lowering the impact, Rena had still managed to inflict great damage to her body.

Carla fell to her knees as she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

Terence was absolutely furious when he saw what happened. He kicked Rena away and held Carla up in his arms.

"Carla! Speak to me. Carla, are you okay?" Terrence babbled in despair.

His face darkened as he saw tiny beads of sweat trickling down her face. He immediately placed her into his arms and shouted for help. "What floor is the gynecological department on? Tell me!"

Theo immediately ran towards them and said, "The third floor! The third floor! Someone is on duty on the third floor. You should go this way!"

When she witnessed the anxious faces of the three people who had just left, Rena burst into a demonic laugh as she lay on the floor.

She recalled when Carla had fallen into the icy water, she wanted to laugh but she couldn't do that at the time.

But now, nothing was going to stop her from laughing at Carla's misery like a psychopath.

"Whoever dares to steal the man I love, will suffer in pain forever!" she cursed in a loud voice.

Rena roared with laughter, cackling like a witch, eyes wild and bloodshot. Suddenly, she felt a tight slap on her face.

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