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   Chapter 391 Forgive Me, My Darling (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6384

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They had a pleasant dinner of various fragrant dishes that were suitable for pregnant women to consume. They spoke desultorily about many topics while they ate. After dinner, Carla received a call from Andrea.

Andrea knew that Noah had tricked Carla into going to the hospital to have an abortion. Andrea was worried and furious. How could Noah have the gall to do that to Carla? Andrea knew that Carla needed to get away from Noah. As a result, she no longer objected to Carla coming back to JA City.

After all, Carla was pregnant with the flesh and blood of the An family. This baby was very important. Sooner or later, Carla would have to return to the Ans.

Andrea had unilaterally announced the cancellation of the engagement in public. But because she wanted to sweep the incident under the rug and not bring Carla any more pain, she did not give a reason why the engagement was cancelled. Therefore, even members of the Hua family did not know the truth. They all assumed, however, that Carla changed her mind and abandoned Noah.

"Callie, how are you doing? Are you okay? Are you feeling better?"

"I'm doing much better now, mom. I started to eat a lot after I came back. I have seen the doctor and he said that everything is okay. Although my stomach isn't showing yet, the baby is growing well."

Carla returned to her room while chatting happily with her concerned mother. At the moment, Terence was dealing with some work in the study.

"That's good. Then I won't be so worried about you. In any case, a woman's first baby is very important. You should try to eat better and do some light exercises. It is very important to be healthy throughout your pregnancy. You don't need to worry about us or the family. Since Mr. Terence has a good grip on the overall business, it won't be easy for Noah to manipulate the Hua Group to take his side."

Andrea eventually sighed while lamenting

Ans were powerful and rich, they didn't know that a lot of hard work went into keeping a big family and a big corporation running smoothly. It was not easy to be Terence's wife and the daughter-in-law of the Ans. There were lots of responsibilities waiting for Carla. Although some words were not pleasant to hear, Terence didn't want to hide anything from her.

"Well, do I have any other choice? Does this mean that I can still back out and not marry you?"

Carla shrugged her shoulders and taunted him. Her eyes were twinkling brightly.

"You want to back out? No chance! You have to marry me and only me!"

Terence asserted at once.

"If I have no choice, then why do you still ask me? A marriage requires two partners to understand and communicate with each other. One person alone can't enjoy happiness and do nothing, while the other struggles. I'll try my best to be a considerate wife. And I know you will try your best to be a considerate husband. We will make it work, no matter how difficult it may be."

Carla looked at him with a beautiful smile.

"Great. So it's decided then. You can't back out now! Let's get our marriage certificate tomorrow!" Terence spoke excitedly. He entwined her fingers with his and they smiled at each other happily.

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