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   Chapter 389 Rena's Suicide

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8128

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When Carla saw the picture sent by that woman, she was so frightened that she threw the cellphone far away with a scream.

"What's wrong? Carla?"

Shocked by Carla's reaction, Terence picked up the mobile phone from the ground. When he looked at the picture, his face suddenly grew gloomy.

The picture was sent by Rena. It showed a bathtub full of bloody water that had spilled over to the ground.

Along with that, Rena had sent a message, that read: "Goodbye, Terence".

"Carla, I have to go out for a while,"

Terence said after standing up.

Carla quietly nodded her head. She took a deep breath and slightly patted her chest to calm herself down.

'Has Rena gone mad? Why does she want to commit suicide?

I hope to God that nothing has happened to Rena!' Carla thought to herself.

Although Rena had been Terence's girlfriend once, Carla had never hated her, because she knew that Terence was just using Rena to provoke her from the beginning.

When Terence arrived at Rena's house, her parents were going about their day as usual without knowing what was happening.

When they saw that Terence had come to their house in person, they felt extremely surprised and immediately offered him a cup of tea.

But Terence had no time to show his courtesy. He immediately asked, "Where's Rena's room? Take me there!"

Sensing the urgency in Terence's words, Rena's parents suddenly realized that something was wrong. They immediately took him to Rena's room.

"Why did Rena lock the door?" Rena's mother was puzzled and she tried knocking on the door instead.

After they received no response from the inside, Terence kicked the door open.

After entering the room, he opened the door of the bathroom, revealing a dying Rena in the bathtub. When Rena's parents saw the bloody scene in front of them, they screamed in utter fright.

As if it weren't bad enough, Rena's mother was so frightened that she fainted at once.

Terence walked toward Rena, ignoring the blood spilled all over the floor. He took the towel next to her and quickly pressed it to her bleeding wrist. Then, he lifted her up from the bathtub and rushed her to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Terence rushed to the emergency room with Rena in his arms.

It took about two hours before the doctor finally came out of the emergency room.

"Luckily, you brought her to the hospital in time, so she's not in a criti

facing the world but I cannot accept not having you in my life! You're the one who approached me! I won't let you go! I will never give you up!" Rena cried.

She held his hand tightly and gave him a stubborn smile. "I won't let that woman steal you from me unless I'm dead!"

"Rena! Do you know what you're saying?" Terence's face grew gloomy.

"I know what I'm saying! If you really don't care about me, then it shouldn't matter to you whether I'm alive or dead. This time, you came back to save me, which is enough to prove that you still care about me. I don't care why you came to save me. Maybe it's just because you felt guilty. But as long as you still care about me, that's enough for me," said Rena stubbornly.

She stared at Terence intently and continued, "Terence, I know that woman you're with can do a lot of things for you, but I can do those things too and I can do them better than her!

Just give me a chance, will you?"

Terence's excellence was obvious to all.

Therefore, the moment Rena met him, she knew that if she ever gave up such an outstanding man, she would lose him forever.

Rena was sure that she would never meet anyone better than Terence.

That's just how people were. Once they'd experienced the best, they could never go back to anything else.

Therefore, Rena was willing to gamble her life away for Terence.

She was willing to bet that Terence wouldn't let her die before his eyes even if he didn't love her!

"Terence, just give me a chance, okay?"

Rena spoke in a coquettish tone. Then, she gently leaned on his arm with a contented smile on her face.

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