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   Chapter 388 How Much Money Did You Have (Part Two)

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After listening to Terence's explanation, she carefully patted her chest and put her heart at ease. Compared to someone like him, she looked like an unfortunate and innocent child. How on earth could she have known that they were capable of burning through several billion dollars without so much as batting an eyelid?

So, it was perfectly understandable for her to react in the way that she did.

All of a sudden, she came to a realization of just how wealthy and over-the-top the AJ Group really was.

"Terence, I don't mean to offend you, but how much property does your family own at the moment?"

Carla wanted to know, again, out of curiosity, as she broke into a smile and her eyes glistened.

However, much to her surprise, after he stopped for a while to think about it, he finally opened his mouth and said, "I don't have any idea. But if you're really interested to find out, I can go ahead and ask the accountant."

"Ah? You don't even have the slightest clue as to how much money you have?"

Carla couldn't believe her ears. 'How could someone be so oblivious to how much money he had?

Am I too poor to comprehend these kind of wealthy people? Is his pocket so deep that its depth is something I could never hope to imagine?' she thought to herself.

"The AJ Group receives around a hundred billion dollars' worth of revenue from the real estate industry each year. As for the other main industries, those generate somewhere around two hundred billion dollars revenue in total. And all of those are just the branches under the AJ Group. I established my own startup company when I was seventeen years old. The company's goal was to research and develop something that I was interested in at the time. Probably about five or six years ago, the company's net profit was a bit

to our child? Since I possess great genes, I have absolute faith that my children will grow up to be as good as I am."

"Huh? Are you implying that you're the only one who possesses great genes?" Carla protested, as her lips curled upward. After saying that, she stretched out her arm to grab his phone, wanting to check what time it currently was.

She was starting to feel a bit hungry.

"Certainly not. My precious Carla is kind and smart. If our daughter can get your face, I couldn't possibly be any happier," Terence answered, wearing a joyful expression on his face. His glistening eyes were filled with so much fondness as he stared at her.

After hearing him say something like that, Carla couldn't help chuckling a little. 'That's fair enough, ' she said to herself. Then, she proceeded to unlock his phone to check the time.

Just as she was about to turn off the screen, she heard his phone ring all of a sudden.

It seemed as though someone had sent him a message.

Apart from that, Carla also noticed that the sender's profile picture was the picture of a woman.

'What's that?' Carla wondered. Failing to hold back her curiosity, she ultimately clicked on the message.

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