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   Chapter 387 How Much Money Did You Have (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-09-23 16:06

From the moment Carla returned, Terence had always been by her side, making it a point to get back home early and have lunch with her every single day.

Perhaps if you experienced losing someone once, you would be able to fully realize the euphoria you can enjoy from each other's presence.

"Why did you suddenly start drawing again? Didn't the doctor advise you to stay in bed and get some rest?"

Stepping out of the elevator, Terence walked up to Carla who was currently sitting in front of a drawing board.

"Give me a break! I just picked up the paint brush and then you appeared out of nowhere. I haven't even begun painting yet!" Pulling a face, Carla immediately put down the paintbrush she was holding. Since he's now here, Carla could no longer focus on her painting.

"Why do you keep telling me to take a rest? Considering the fact that our home has an elevator, I barely even walk on the floor now. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you're scared I might end up exhausting myself because I picked up a paintbrush?" she complained.

Putting on a false display of anger, Terence moved closer to her. Raising his hand, he intended to pinch her tiny lips. However, he didn't have it in him to do something like that, so he simply planted a kiss on her lips instead. Giving her an affectionate gaze, a tinge of a smile crept up onto his face.

"I love hearing you say the word 'our'. It makes me believe that our home, our children, and most of all, our future will be filled with so much happiness!" Terence softly said.

His words seemed to have given her a sense of warmth. Feeling embarrassed, she pushed him away as her face flushed red. Carla just said those words without giving it much thought, not knowing that he'd end up using them against her to tease her.

"Oh, by the way, you mentioned something about wanting to come to HA City to visit me that day. What did you want to see me fo

heeks in great disbelief, Carla yelled, "Have you lost your mind? We were planning to purchase the L Company for just around 1.8 billion. At most, you should've just added a few hundred million on top of that. How could you throw away your money just like that?"

Despite knowing the Terence was filthy rich, Carla still thought that it was wrong of him to mindlessly spend money. When the time would come for the two of them getting married, everything that belongs to him would belong to her as well. So, how could he pour their money down the drain so easily?

Suddenly, Terence burst into a fit of laughter. Holding her hands tight, he told her, "If I want to seal the deal in the shortest possible time, it's a given that I should offer them a considerably higher amount. On top of that, as far as the AJ Group is concerned, if a certain company is worth less than five billion, then it could be considered one of those run-of-the-mill businesses. So, it's not really that big of a deal whatsoever."

Pausing for a moment, he added, "And you can rest assured that my team has done a bit of background check on them. As long as the company is running well, it's certain to reach the break-even point after about three years of operation. So, it is still a reasonable deal."

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