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   Chapter 386 All Things Finished (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5669

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I would like to know about it if the topic is about me. Can't you just talk freely in front of me?"

Terence stared at her, checking if she had really calmed down. After thinking for a while, he sat back next to her and turned to Nathan before saying, "Go ahead, Nathan."

"Yes, Mr. Terence.

I have just received some news from HA City. Noah has already made a rigorous plan for himself. On the surface, he seems not to do anything to protect his profits in the Hua Group. But in reality, he has already begun to secretly divert the assets of the Hua Group into his own pocket. With how I'm seeing it..." Nathan paused for a while and then looked at Carla and Terence. Finding them both calm, he continued, "I think he is going to start up his own company in the days to come and leave the Hua Group practically worthless."

Nathan's face grew serious while he was talking about the Hua Group's future problem.

However, the news didn't surprise Carla at all as she remained still, back resting against the headboard. She let out a long bitter sigh and said, "I've been expecting this to happen. Noah is a sharp and competent man. He had grown accustomed to controlling the Hua Group, so I knew that he wouldn't be okay bowing down to others. I can understand how he feels but his actions are crazy."

It was obvious to Noah that Carla would marry Terence if she didn't marry him. If that were the case, Carla would gain support from both the An family and the Hua family. And if Noah still stayed at the Hua family, his control in the family would definitely be weakened. Moreover, the biggest shareholder of the Hua Group would also be Carla then. That was to say, all his efforts and h

responsibility was just amazingly high.

Carla realized that she was praising Terence again, so she smiled wide at the woman. She then pretended to cough and strategically brought the topic back to their lunch. "Just tell the people in the kitchen to prepare a simple lunch, Sophie. I don't know what to eat now."

Talking about Terence always gave Sophie a sense of pride. It was as if he were her own son.

Sophie said to Carla, "That's fine. I will just ask them to prepare whatever you would like to eat. If you come up with something you want to eat, let me know and I will prepare it for you."

Right after she finished her words, Sophie turned around and walked to the elevator.

Carla found comfort in watching the scenery from the third floor. Thus, she stood up from the sofa while sipping her cup of tea.

She then walked to her drawing board.

She was about to sit down before her drawing board when the elevator inside her room opened again.

Carla had no doubt that it was Terence. After all, he had been coming home several times a day now. Thus, it was not difficult for Carla to guess who it was.

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