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   Chapter 385 All Things Finished (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6253

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Noah saw them walk away and finally disappear from his sight.

Feeling rather sad, he knitted his eyebrows deeply and closed his eyes, not wanting anybody to see all the emotions he was keeping.

Everything was washing over him as he remained silent, standing there. He remembered how he had been with Carla after he met her for the first time and all those days they had shared.

He could still recall how cautious she was the very first time they met. It took some time for her to change her attitude towards him and become nicer. That only happened after he had shown her great kindness. When did everything go from good to as bad as it was now? They never stopped arguing since they got engaged. It was like they were in a constant cycle of arguing and making up. However, they still ended up breaking up completely and he was sure that there wouldn't be any way for him to patch things up with her again.

Their journey might have been short but it was still the happiest days of his life.

He had never been so positive with everything in the world until Carla appeared in his life. She had changed him, and he always wanted to spend more time with her because of that.

It was only Carla who had made him feel every emotion there was; happy, angry, or even sad. She made him feel truly alive.

Just as Noah was deeply immersed in his own recollection, life kept going on in another place he couldn't see.

Terence took Carla to his car.

She had been trembling in his arms ever since he picked her up from the hospital. It was breaking his heart, little by little, to see her like this. He loved her very much.

Terence regretted the fact that he was late. He should have been there earlier, so Carla wouldn't have been so terrified.

"Hush. Look at me, Carla. Don't be afraid now. It's over, okay? Nobody will dare to hurt you now. I'm here." Rub

e reason for her bleeding.

Earlier, she was nervous and concerned for the safety of her baby. Thus, it was only after she heard the doctor that she felt fine.

"Send Doctor Lily home and bring back some medicine, Rainer,"

Terence ordered. He walked to the bed and sat next to Carla. He held her hand and then whispered tenderly to her, "You heard what the doctor said, right? Our baby is fine. All you need is to have a good rest here. Our child will be stable in three months. Everything will be fine after that. Don't worry about it too much. I'm always here for you and our baby."

Carla nodded upon hearing him. She was obviously calmer now since their baby was okay.

Only a few minutes later, Nathan walked in.

He glanced at Carla, who was lying on the bed, and then walked to Terence's side. He leaned in and whispered, "Could you please come out for a while, Mr. Terence?"

Looking at Carla first, Terence stood up and readied himself to walk outside.

"Wait a second. If this has something to do with what happened in HA City, just talk here, in front of me. I also want to hear about it, Nathan." Carla reached out for Terence's hand while talking. She then continued, "I'm not as delicate as you think I am, Terence.

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