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   Chapter 382 The Operating Room (Part Two)

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Carla gently caressed her belly and answered with a smile, "That's right, it is on Wednesday."

"Well, you know that I will be busy with some business tomorrow. I don't know when I will be back and I am afraid that I might not be able to catch up with the time. So why don't we move the check-up appointment to today instead? I will be able to accompany you to the hospital."

"Don't bother yourself with that. Mother said that she will accompany me to the hospital on that day." Without a conscious thought, Carla refused his request immediately and said, "Moreover, I've already made an appointment with the doctor."

"I understand what you're saying, but it's not the same. You are expecting my child and of course, I should be with you during these check-ups." Noah countered before continuing, "That's it. I don't want to hear anything else. I will call the doctor to change our appointment."

Carla was still about to say something when Noah suddenly held her hand tightly. He then patted the back of her hand gently and said in a patient tone, "You have no clue of what I'm feeling, do you? This is the first time for me to be a father. Thus, I'm more than eager to hear my child's heartbeat myself.

Can't you even let this small dream of mine come true?"

Having noticed the sincerity on his face, Carla could only smile helplessly and nod. She then said, "All right then.

Luckily, I don't have anything important to do this morning. We can just go to the hospital now." As soon as they agreed, Noah drove straight to the hospital, but he didn't utter another word on their way there.

Puzzled by how Noah was acting, Carla glanced at him with furrowed eyebrows. However, she


"What? You're in a hospital now?" Terence sounded shocked to hear her answer. Suddenly, his hands started trembling as he tried to calm himself down. He seemed to have lost his breath as he said, "Is Noah there with you, Carla? You need to leave the hospital right now. Noah already found out that the baby in your belly is mine."

Carla stopped right at the door of the operating room after hearing what Terence had just said.

The blow from the news hit her like an atomic bomb and she still couldn't accept the fact that Noah knew the truth the whole time he was with her today.

"Miss Carla, please turn off your phone. Phones are actually forbidden in the examining room." The director saw that Carla stopped at the door of the operating room so she gave her a friendly reminder.

Right at that moment, Carla finally noticed the three indistinct characters on one of the room's door, stating that she was about to step into the operating room.

Having considered Terence's words, Carla became very frightened and she stepped back immediately. She had already guessed what would happen to her inside that room.

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