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   Chapter 381 The Operating Room (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5567

Updated: 2019-09-21 00:02

"Are you out of your mind?" shouted Noah angrily.

He then forcefully dragged Julie back inside the house and pushed her down the sofa.

"Yes. I'm crazy! I've been slowly losing my sanity since the day I promised Terence that I would become a substitute for Carla!" Julie staggered up from the sofa and then walked towards Noah. She stopped in front of him and looked right at him with teary eyes. "You will never know just how much I have suffered just to be by your side, Noah! I've even changed myself for you. I've pushed myself to learn new things just so you would want to be with me. But, you didn't even look at me. Why are you so cruel and cold-blooded?

You've never noticed me. All you have ever cherished is money!

Look, where that got you! You deserve all the misfortunate coming to you. Now you will understand how it feels to be ignored and hurt by the person you want to be with. I'm going to watch you suffer as I have."

Julie didn't even look angry as she spoke. In fact, she was even smiling. However, her expression changed when she saw the terrible expression on Noah's face. Gnashing her teeth in anger, she continued, "You have fallen in love with Carla, haven't you? Why else would you be this angry?

What a pity! The only man Carla loves is Terence and it has always been him.

I admire her for her strong will and persistence. All this time, she has been with you but she still hasn't changed her mind. She didn't even think of giving Terence up. I'm so touched by how much they love each other. It's truly inspirational! I don't know if I could do the same if I were her."

Every woman in this world, including Julie, would

ck up on him.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Something urgent came up so I had to deal with it quickly. Get in the car now!" Noah opened the car door for her, gesturing at her with his hand to get in.

Carla fastened her seat belt as soon as she sat on the car and then looked at him. Having noticed the unease in his disposition, she said, "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"It's nothing. Don't worry. It's just that thing about the merger." Noah looked away from her and focused his sights on the road. Only God knew how angry he was as he spoke in a casual tone.

"Don't worry about that too much, okay? There are some things that need to be done slowly and patiently. We'll find a good solution for it later." Carla nodded as she persuaded him.

However, Noah didn't reply and he kept pretending to shift his gaze to her still flat belly. An indescribable emotion flashed in his eyes but then he concealed it by speaking in a gentle tone. "Do you need to visit the doctor for your check-up today, Carla?

I remember mother saying that you are scheduled for a check-up this week, right?"

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