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   Chapter 379 Carla, I Love You!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9498

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Carla was pacing to and fro inside her room. She gnawed on her fingernails as she pondered an excuse to refuse Noah. Then her thoughts were interrupted when she heard footsteps coming from the door.

She quickly sat back onto the sofa, pretending to watch the TV. She flashed a smile at Noah who had just come in. "Wow! That was quick. Have you taken a shower yet?"

She actually meant to tell Noah to go back and take another bath, but unfortunately, Noah took her words the wrong way.

"Ah, my dear Carla, what do you want from me?" Noah walked over to her, giving her a flirtatious smile. "Well, of course I have taken a shower. But I am a man, so I don't need to spend hours inside the bathroom for a shower."

Carla was momentarily stunned by his words. She was a bit distracted and she didn't notice that Noah's hair was still wet.

Suddenly, a light bulb flashed inside her head.

She fluttered her eyelids like a butterfly's wings as she grinned. "Noah, I feel too tired to walk. Could you carry me over to the bed?"

"Of course, milady, anything for you," Noah obliged immediately. His brown eyes lit up with willingness. He walked towards Carla, slowly bending over to pick her up, as if she were a princess, and carried her to the bed.

When they came over to the bed, Carla suddenly nuzzled up against his arm as if it was her pillow. She noticed that the more active she was, the more passive Noah became when she did all the things he wanted to do with her.


Noah was puzzled by how different she was acting today.

"Yes, Noah? What's the matter?" Carla looked up at him with her doll-like eyes.

"Ah... It's nothing," Noah answered simply, disregarding the swirling confusion inside his heart. Then he wrapped her in a comforting embrace.

"I see. All right then, I'm going to sleep. Good night!" Carla pulled the quilt open with a single hand and spread it over her. She checked the time on her cellphone and then stashed it away in her bedside drawer before turning off the lamp.

She adjusted her long, lustrous hair and finally chose a comfortable position to lie down in.

Nothing of what Carla did was out of the ordinary so nothing seemed fishy at the moment.

After struggling to sleep for a few minutes, which strangely felt like hours, Carla opened her drawer and checked the time on her cellphone again. When she turned around and looked up, she was startled by Noah, who was staring at her quietly. "Hey, why are you still awake?" she said to him.

"Well, I just can't fall asleep. I feel so happy to have you in my arms," Noah spoke softly.

His answer truly came from his heart. He lay on his side, squeezed her in his arms and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead.

"Noah, are you joking? I mean, there are countless women throwing themselves at you all the time. Bes

with Julie again, Noah felt puzzled as to why it felt like he was making love to Carla the whole time he was with Julie.

He chided himself, embarrassed by his outrageous notions.

Then suddenly, it all came flooding back to him.

Earlier with Carla in his arms, it seemed as though the feeling was different from what had he felt when he held her in the underground restaurant that night. Doubts began to overwhelm his thoughts.

Noah had discovered that there was a power failure in the restaurant that night.

Something about the timing seemed very strange to him.

Why did the power failure happen just when they started having sex and then again just before they finished?

It was safe to say that he didn't see whether the woman he made love to was Carla or somebody else.

If somehow his hunch was correct, then that would mean...

There was only one logical conclusion.

Carla wasn't the one he had made love to that night. Julie must have been the one who took her place. Therefore, the child Carla was carrying wasn't his! If that were the case, the father of the child she was carrying would be Terence.

Noah grunted in frustration. He had experienced many things in business for many years. He knew every underhanded move there was, even though most people didn't know that he knew them.

More so, if the child wasn't his then he would have to do something quickly because he couldn't allow that child to be born into the world.

Carla shared a strong bond with Terence. If this child were allowed to be born into the world, it would be harder to break their relationship.

He scrolled through the contacts in his phone and found Julie's number.

Noah realized that if he wanted to know who the real father of this child was, Julie would surely give him the honest answer.

The moment Julie answered the call, Noah said, "Hey, it's me. Where are you?"

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