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   Chapter 378 I Will Stay Here Tonight (Part Two)

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She instantly understood what she meant and hastily exclaimed, "There's someone coming in, so I have to hang up now."

"Alright, I guess I'll just see you tomorrow then."

After hanging up on him, Carla realized that Helen had already swung the door to her office open and walked in. She felt a sense of relief after finding out that it was just her subordinate, who came in to deliver some documents to her.

Later in the afternoon, it was time to get off work.

Carla returned to her villa located in the suburb in the south.

These past few days, Noah had a handful of banquets to attend. So, by the time he got back home, Carla would already be fast asleep. For that reason, they weren't able to have much time to talk to each other. Carla felt so relieved that she wouldn't have to talk to Noah.

Given that she wouldn't have to face Noah at home, she was able to feel more at ease not having to worry about anyone.

It was a rather peaceful night for Carla.

It was still a bit early at around nine o'clock in the evening, but she had already taken a shower and changed into a comfortable pair of pajamas. Leisurely lounging on the sofa, she could finally take some time to relax after a long day at work.

She had in front of her a bunch of sweet and sour oranges which she ate while tuning into the soap opera running on the television. It had an interesting plot and it was rather moving, so she got captivated by it.

As she was so absorbed in the show's storyline, she heard someone knocking at her door. Thinking that it might just be either Nola or Vicky, she blurted out without even bothering to check, "Please come in. The door isn't locked."

The door promptly swung open.

As it turned out, it was actually Noah who was at the door. He saw that Carla was lying on the sofa when he walked in, totally engrossed in watching a TV drama. With a smile on his face, he moved closer toward the back of the sofa and wrapped his arms around her before whispering in a gentle voice, "What are you watching there, Callie?"

Upon recognizing the familiar voice, Carla was caught completely off-guard that she began to cough violently. It was such a dreadful look she had, showing extreme anxiety. Be that as it may, after a while, she regained her composure and managed to put on a smile on her face to hide how nervous she was and told him, "I'm watching a soap opera. Why did you get here so early, Noah?"


eping yet."

Noah stared at her so endearingly. All of a sudden, he leaned closer to place a kiss on her forehead and resolutely stated, "Alright. We have a deal now. You wait right here me. I'm heading back to my room so I could wash up. I'll be right back to spend some time with you."

Carla didn't bother humoring him with a response, so he immediately got up and got ready to leave the moment he was done talking.

As she watched him walk toward his room to take a shower, Carla's face turned into a frown, having a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that he was going to spend the night with her.

When he was finally out of sight, she heaved a lengthy sigh and lost interest in watching the TV drama. Springing up from the sofa, she paced around the room feeling so apprehensive.

With her heart about to burst in any second, she was now panicking deep inside and thinking, 'What the heck am I supposed to do in this situation?

What should I do? Why did he suddenly get the urge to sleep with me? Oh, my God!'

She had experienced being with Terence before, so she was well aware that men's words could never be accepted and trusted at face value. Once they got onto the bed, the thing that would be running through their little minds would never be about sleeping and instead, their hands would begin creeping all over the women's body.

She may have already been pregnant at the moment, but she could never be too sure that Noah wouldn't do anything to her. And most of all, she couldn't risk moving around too much to try and stop him due to the fear of getting the child in her belly hurt.

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