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   Chapter 377 I Will Stay Here Tonight (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7173

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In a luxury restaurant, Carla was casually enjoying a meal along with Noah.

All of a sudden, she felt an itch on her nose, so she put down the fork she was holding on the table to rub it.

"What's the matter? Did you catch a cold or something?"

noticing how she had been repeatedly rubbing her nose, Noah became a bit concerned and asked her.

"No, it's not because of that. I think I'm just a little allergic to the flowers they have here." Glancing over at the pink roses in the exquisite vase displayed on the table, Carla wondered if those flowers were the reason why she had been getting the urge to sneeze nonstop. She had been feeling fine even just this morning, so she was quite sure that she didn't catch a cold or anything.

Upon hearing her response, Noah immediately gestured for the waiter to come over and take the flowers away.

"Are you feeling any better?" he asked in a concerned voice.

Promptly nodding her head, Carla answered, "Yes, that's much better. Now, let's get back on track. Noah, from your perspective, what do you think is the most important issue that our company has to deal with in the merger we are forming with the L Company?"

She inquired about this question in particular simply because she had just heard about it in a meeting, and as a result, she became somewhat interested in the L Company. Supposing that Noah might be able to give her a bit of information about it, she brought back the topic regarding the merger.

"If I had to say, it would most probably be the fact that they still haven't made up their mind about working together with us. The L Company has shown great interest in the merger when we discussed it in a meeting before. But as of this moment, I really don't have any idea what's causing them to hesitate about it. And even up until now, they still haven't given us a definite response regarding the merger."

Savoring the food in his mouth, Noah casually answered Carla's question.

As Carla was bobbing her head, he went on and added, "I actually have plans to go to the L Company personally in order to talk about these matters with them thoroughly in the days

Upon hearing that statement, Carla curled her lips. But from out of the blue, a random thought seemed to have suddenly crossed her mind, so she asked, "How's grandfather doing? Is he doing well?" Carla tightly bit her lip after remembering that Grandpa Nicholas had been scheduled for surgery in just a couple of days.

"He's actually doing just fine. Especially after finding out that he is about to have a great grandchild, whenever I would drop by to check up on him, he'd always be in high spirits, asking about the child in your belly. On top of that, he has been bugging me on how he has to come up with a fitting name to call his great grandchild."

After telling her about his grandfather, Terence couldn't help but smile at the thought of his grandfather's condition improving little by little.

When he came over to visit his grandfather before, he would always catch him looking so down in the dumps and dejected. But from the moment he got to know that Carla was expecting and carrying his first great grandchild, there had been a significant change in him. He began to smile more and more and was now even so willing to cooperate with the doctor regarding his treatment.

"I'm glad to hear that. So, we'll just let grandfather decide what to name our child then." As she was having a good time taking with Terence over the phone, she suddenly noticed Helen, who was standing by the door, gesturing toward her.

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