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   Chapter 376 New Marketing Manager

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Carla went back to work at the Hua Group a week later.

Today was her first day in the Marketing Department.

To be honest, Andrea and Noah didn't like Carla's idea of her getting back to work so soon, but she insisted. Thus, they weren't able to stop her so they just agreed in what she wanted.

Noah also wanted to expose her real identity to everyone to avoid people in the company from troubling her.

However, Carla rejected that. She thought that her identity would only put more pressure on her even if it meant having an easy day.

Moreover, Carla also had her own plans.

She was aware of how much Noah wanted to publicize their engagement but then, she naturally didn't want people to know about that.

Since this was her first day in this department, more so, as the marketing manager, Carla wasn't familiar with the environment inside the place. It was given that she wouldn't stay in this position for a long time. However, she still wanted to familiarize herself with the responsibilities of it as soon as possible.

Two days had passed. Carla had already learned the basics of her scope of responsibility. In fact, it wasn't really that different from what she had done before. It was just that many of those responsibilities had been upgraded to a managerial level.

Thus, she only needed to assign the work to her subordinates. The whole department was under her control now and she should be responsible to keep it running. In addition, she also needed to lead the whole department into developing and improving itself, which was something that would need a lot of time.

Regular meetings were also common to her now as the marketing manager.

Although she had been attending a lot of meetings before, the meetings she was attending now were bigger.

Compared with how it had been in the past, she had to go directly to the top floor now whenever there were important meetings about the company's development targets.

Just like now, Carla received a phone call from the secretary, telling her to attend a meeting.

Stretching herself, Carla leaned lazily on her chair and didn't move. She honestly didn't want to attend the meeting, more so, go to the top floor, and then see Noah's caring eyes.

"Miss Carla, The meeting is about to start. We should go up now,"

Helen He, Carla's new assistant, reminded her after coming in.

There were at least one hundred people in the Marketing Department here in the Hua Group's headquarters. Therefore, it was reasonable for Carla, a manager, to have an assistant.

"Helen, can you attend the meeting on my behalf?" asked Carla as she propped one of her elbows on the armrest while supporting her chin. She looked very lazy while sitting.


en raised his wrist. He checked on the time and then said, "Let's go? It's almost noon."

"Okay," Carla responded and stood up with her water cup.

Noah walked to her and casually held her waist. He then walked out of his office guiding her.

Carla handed the cup of water to Helen He, who was waiting outside. "Kindly take my cup back to my office. I'm going out for lunch with Mr. Noah."

Nodding, Helen He took the cup. She watched Carla and Noah walk to the elevator.

It was only after the two left that Helen He rushed to dial a number on her phone.

"Mr. Terence, Miss Carla has already attended the meeting this morning and learned about the merger and acquisition project. And now, she is going out with Mr. Noah for lunch."

Helen He had been reporting about Carla's daily routine to Terence since she became her assistant.

Hearing that Noah took Carla out again, Terence frowned immediately at the other side of the phone and asked, "Why did they go out again?"

"Umm, Mr. Terence... Miss Carla is Mr. Noah's fiancee and she is still pregnant with..." Pausing for a while, Helen He coughed for several times before continuing, "So she can't refuse Mr. Noah all the time. I think you should understand Miss Carla. She is also in a difficult state."

Helen He had been around Carla for the past few days. Thus, she knew what Carla was going through. She was also aware of how much Carla was refusing most of Noah's invitations.

Carla's refusal this time might stir some suspicion in Noah and Helen He knew that well.

"Okay, I know that. I will go to HA City tomorrow. Find a chance and take her out to meet me,"

Terence said in a serious tone. He thought, 'You'll come back to me soon, Carla.

In less than half a month, I will no longer have to suffer from this kind of torture!'

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