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   Chapter 375 What A Coincidence (Part Two)

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As he thought of that, he began smiling from ear to ear once more.

Meanwhile, it was such a lovely night in HA City.

Carla didn't think that Noah would readily inform Andrea regarding the news about her pregnancy. So, she was in deep slumber tonight, wearing a smile on her face, as though she were having such a pleasant dream.

However, in the morning, as soon as she got up from bed, Andrea got to her home to visit her. There was a look of excitement and happiness written all over her face after she heard the news that she was about to be a grandmother. Because she was only able to give birth to a single offspring, she had a bit of hope that Carla would be the one to make her dream of having several children become fulfilled.

"Callie, please move back home and live together with me, okay? I feel so anxious about you living all by yourself here now that I know you're carrying a child in your womb."

Andrea didn't get too fired up due to so much exhilaration, and she still had the presence of mind to convince Carla to move in with her. She thought that it was the only way she would be able to take good care of Carla and in turn, the baby inside her as well.

"Mother, I'm doing just fine right here. Nola and Vicky are both here to look after me. That would be more than enough, and I feel safe in this place because of the peaceful surroundings, and besides, I've already gotten used to living in this house,"

Carla expressed her thoughts. In spite of knowing that Bonnie had not been staying at the Hua residence for the past couple of days, she was so determined not to move back into that place. If it were something like simply coming over to the Hua family from time to time, she would have been more than happy to do so.

"But I won't be able to settle down as long as I keep remembering that you're living on your own here while Noah is still too preoccupied with running the company. Because of that, he probably wouldn't have the time to stay and be with you at all times. But wait a second! Speaking of work, there's something I remembered that I had to tell you. There's no need for you to be in a hurry to become the marketing manager right away. The thing that we should prioritize right now is for you to get enough rest at home to keep both you and your child healthy. But, of course, the baby inside your belly should be given the utmost importance,"

Andrea calmly explained to Carla as she rested the palm of her hand on the back of hers.

After listening to Andrea voice out her concerns, Carla quickly shook her head to decline her offer, saying, "Mother, I'm not as delicate as you think. In any case, how could I ever get tired from working in our own company? I just moved

. Now that you have inside you the child of the An family, there's no doubt that you will have a far happier and brighter future after you have brought this baby to the world.

That's exactly why you should be taking extreme caution with this child and make sure to keep yourself healthy. Don't ever forget what I've told you." As she was saying those words, she gently caressing Carla's belly in the doting way.

Nothing was really fair in the world we live in. The child of the An family was predestined to be born with a silver spoon and to reach for greatness. And on top of that, Terence was the inheritor of the An Group, meaning to say that his child would most certainly be cherished and taken good care of.

Silently pondering deep within her heart, Andrea thought, 'It is quite fortunate that God is still watching over Carla. Despite having to go through so much pain and suffering in the past years, she is about to welcome such a bright future ahead of her. Thank the heavens!'

Nodding her head in agreement, Carla said, "I'm aware of that, Mother."

"Well, then we shall proceed as we originally planned. You must not let Noah find out about the truth under any circumstance. And of course, I will also act like I don't know anything. We have to patiently wait for everything to pass. Is that clear?"

Andrea stretched out her arm to help Carla fix up her hair after reminding her of a few crucial details.

Having been Noah's mother ever since he was still a young boy, she was well aware of what his temper was like as well as his disposition.

If only he could be reasoned with, then that would be the best scenario. But all things considered, now that Carla was already carrying Terence's child, there was no going back, and they had no other option but to go on with the original plan.

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