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   Chapter 374 What A Coincidence (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7046

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Terence was staying at his Seaview Villa in JA City.

He was just leisurely reading a book in the study when he sneezed all of a sudden. Looking up at the clock to check the time, he realized that it was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

He unlocked his phone, only to find out that Carla still hadn't replied to any of his texts at all. Right then and there, a smile slowly crept onto his face as he helplessly shook his head thinking that she was, without a doubt, still holding a grudge against him.

Actually, he had sent her a couple of messages already, and yet she was still being so stubborn, not bothering to give him so much as a single response.

It took the best of him just to resist the urge to call her. He was afraid that if Noah were to hear the call, he might get the wrong impression and Carla would end up getting in trouble. All things considered, she wasn't by herself, so her safety should be his top priority.

"Mr. Terence, some news coming from HA City arrives."

Rainer could tell that he hadn't fallen asleep yet, given that there was still a light on in the study. So, he decided to come in and give some updates to his boss.

"What's it about?" After seemingly being lost in thought, Terence immediately came to his senses and turned to look at Rainer who was approaching him.

"Miss Carla has achieved great success in the Hua Group, Mr. Terence. And things went on much more smoothly than we have anticipated. As soon as Miss Carla's proposal was implemented, they've seen a significant improvement in their sales."

A wide grin appeared on Rainer's face as he was informing his boss about the good news.

Terence didn't seem to be much too astounded by it. With a Cheshire cat smile on his face, he proudly remarked, "It's hardly surprising at all. This is my girl we're talking about after all. She has this sort of ability and potential. I knew it all along."

As his boss was wallowing in his knack for finding the potential of other people, Rainer quietly lowered his gaze.

He pondered to himself, 'Just who was it that has kept on saying that Mi

ugh a lot before they could finally be able to enjoy a bright and happy future together.

When all of their hardships had come to pass, Terence knew that he was the only person who could take care of his future wife and child. But for that to happen, he had to sit patiently and bide his time.

"Of course, Mr. Terence. I will call Nola straight away and relay your message to her just as you said." After telling him that, he walked out of the study and went to do as he was told.

When Rainer was nowhere in sight, Terence tilted his head and peered at all of the names he had written on a piece of paper. He couldn't stop himself from laughing quite audibly upon realizing that he had come up with all of those possible names for his child.

On that piece of paper, there were more names for girls compared with boys. It had always mostly been boys given birth in the An family while girls were too few and far between. With that in mind, if the child Carla was expecting happened to be a girl, then both he and his grandfather would certainly be pleased.

After looking at the names written on the paper for a decent amount of time, he put it away and carefully placed it inside the drawer.

He was having a hard time trying to decide which name to call his child, so he thought that he should just ask Carla to go through the names he had thought of and pick whichever she liked the best.

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