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   Chapter 373 Is The Baby Mine

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7678

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Nola seemed to have behaved too calmly.

She knew that Carla was pregnant but she wasn't surprised at all.


After supper, Carla was leisurely sitting on the couch, watching some soap operas while eating nuts.

She really needed to use her break to relax since she had been very busy recently. There were even times when she almost couldn't breathe while at work.

Moreover, the baby in her womb caught her off guard.

But she didn't have any other choice anymore since it was already there.

She couldn't believe how the fortune teller was right about her. Carla had thought that he was just talking nonsense.

When she went to visit Nicholas in the hospital earlier, she told him that in the hope of cheering him up. But then she had never expected it to happen in reality.

The due date would be in June or July next year, just as the fortune teller expected.

"Welcome home, Mr. Noah," someone greeted.

Carla's back immediately straightened upon hearing the noise outside. She didn't expect Noah to come back this soon since he was supposed to be out for several days.

She hadn't seen him at all since their quarrel. Thus, she was at peace for several days.

A few seconds later, Noah came in while holding bags of packaged dishes. Seeing Carla watching TV, he asked, "Are you hungry? I bought this on my way home for you."

Then, Noah walked over to her and placed the food on the table. He knew that Carla was a foodie. Thus, he remembered to buy something for her to eat.

The delicious smell of food instantly came into Carla's nose the moment Noah opened the food box. There were crab seed meatballs, shrimps, and so on.

Then unexpectedly, Carla felt her stomach turning upside-down. She covered her mouth and rushed to the bathroom.

She vomited everything she had eaten as soon as she reached the washbasin.

"What's up?"

That was when Noah came over and patted her back. "Are you having stomach aches? You must have skipped meals these days because of work."

Carla rinsed her mouth after throwing up everything she ate for dinner. She then wiped the water stains left on her lips and waved at Noah. She was silent when she left the bathroom.

However, Noah came to her and met her halfway towards the living room and held out a glass of wa

on. I will do anything for you as long as you stay with me. Anything!"

Noah's handsome dark eyes affectionately gazed at Carla. However, Carla could only force a smile.

"Noah, I..."

She wanted to tell him the truth but swallowed it at the tip of her tongue.

"I know that I disappointed you many times, but I won't anymore. Never ever. Please trust me!" Noah said while rubbing her cheeks. "Callie, this baby proves that we're meant to be together. Don't you think so?"

Biting her lower lip, Carla kept silent and just looked at him. She was getting really upset and felt as if her heart was getting eaten by thousands of ants.

"Noah, the baby was an accident. It's hard for me to take it. Can I..."

she finally said it out and felt relaxed.

Upon hearing her, Noah thought about it and understood her difficulty. She had been loving Terence all the time, but now she was pregnant with someone else's baby. It was hard for anyone to accept it.

"I understand. But don't worry too much and take care of the baby, okay?" said Noah as he pulled her closer to him, embracing her tighter. He then patted her shoulder to comfort her.

He believed that her affection for Terence would gradually fade away because of the baby.

"Okay. Let me take you to your room. It's very late," he reminded before standing up and holding her arm.

Carla rolled her eyes helplessly and sighed. Then she went upstairs with him.

She was wondering...

how Terence would feel if he knew that Noah thought the baby was his.

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