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   Chapter 372 Her Potential (Part Two)

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"Yes, this was done by her, Mr. Terence. I must say, I am quite surprised too. I had thought that she had an average education and lacked experience. However, I didn't expect her potential to be this amazing. On many occasions, she is even more outstanding than other experienced employees who have been working in our company for so many years."

The manager looked satisfied and praised Carla without any hesitation.

Although she hadn't been working for long in the Sales Department, she was the most hard-working among all the other employees in the department, including the newcomers who came to the company in the same period alongside her. Besides, every week she herself used to ask to go on business field trips and volunteered to go to the shops to investigate matters herself.

The manager admitted the truth that he had offered her the exact data and information as Noah had ordered.

But all this was unimportant. No one could deny her excellent talent in the sales department and how much of a valuable asset she had grown up to become of the company in a short period of time.

"Well, then promote the plan she has made without any changes. Try your best to follow up her plan and see whether the sales in these areas get improved or not,"

Noah finished reading the plan and told the manager in a serious tone.

"Yes, Mr. Noah. If there is any progress, I will report it to you as soon as possible."

The manager of the Sales Department took back the plan and nodded at Noah before he turned around to leave.

Noah lumped back into his chair and was indulged deeply in his thoughts. He thought that it was quite amazing to see that she had worked so sincerely, but he hadn't expected her results to be this mesmerizing.

The manager of the Sales Department was not boasting or praising her irrationally. He was aware of that. Every idea and thought in that sales plan was more than practical and extraordinary. It couldn't have been worked ou

they suddenly brought her oranges and that most of the meals she was served these days tasted either sour and sweet.

Upon hearing Carla's question, Nola smiled and replied, "I have also experienced all this, Miss Carla. I noticed it when you went through morning sickness these days."

"Nola, you..." Carla didn't know how to respond to that and suddenly realized that the food these days was far more delicate as well. Someone had really given much thought to her condition. She could only feel all the more grateful to her.

"Take it easy, Miss Carla. I will not tell anybody about it."

Nola knew what Carla was worrying about, so she comforted her and reassured her with a beaming smile.

Of course, Nola would tell nobody because she and Vicky were specially asked by someone to take care of Carla.

More importantly, this person couldn't be an ordinary person at all. Nola and Vicky with their lower social status wouldn't dare to dissatisfy or disobey this person. Hence, they looked after Carla with more patience and cautiousness.

Carla looked over at Nola while eating the oranges. She was deeply indulged in her own thoughts.

Still, she felt that there was something rather strange about all this. But she couldn't describe that feeling. Life had surely been perplexing for her lately.

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