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   Chapter 371 Her Potential (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6274

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"Wait! Wait! What on earth are you talking about, Noah?

I fail to understand why you have taken such a rash decision. But this is all too sudden. I am not yet ready for it."

Carla shook her head ferociously and looked quite shocked with her mouth gaping. Ever since they got engaged, she had been strenuously trying to get on well with him and be on good terms with him. From where was she supposed to muster the courage to marry him and walk into perpetual darkness alongside him?

If she loved him, then she might have been happy.

However, the truth was that she didn't love him at all and would never even have a crush on him.

"Are you still assuming that you have other options?"

One of Noah's hands was firmly gripping on to the steering wheel, while the other was holding Carla's hand tightly. He looked ahead and didn't even give her a glance. Yet the force he used to hold her hand was getting greater.

He continued in a gentle tone, "At the outset, I admit that I did approach you because you were the daughter of the Hua family. But now, I am irrevocably in love with a girl named Carla. I don't care about who she was in the past or who she has turned out to become. I don't care about her identity, her wealth or her family. The only thing I know is that I love her unconditionally and I don't wish to let her go. If I give you up now, then I will live lamenting about it for the rest of my life. So please don't leave me, Carla. Please."

Carla shifted her gaze onto her hand now being held by Noah tightly. She tried her best to withdraw her hand from his clutches but she failed rather miserably.

Being crestfallen, she said, "Noah, you should first calm down. This is what you are thinking about. The critical problem is that I don't love you at all. And I am fairly sure that I will not fall in love with you either. Do you still think that

a smile.

For the past two days, she had been busy modifying the sales plan for areas which were through some rough patch. And she had already made some splendid progress. If she could finish this program perfectly, then it would be a big contribution to the company and her position within the Hua Group would be established firmly.

Carla had been fully indulged in searching for good ideas to modify the plan wherever she was during the past two days.

In fact, she had gone through many rather successful cases made by others before hoping to gain some inspiration. Finally her hard work paid off and she succeeded in working out an intact sales plan.

She handed over the plan to the manager of the Sales Department as soon as she got to work.

The manager directly forwarded it to Noah after having read it.

He did it because Noah had ordered him to do so a long time ago. So the manager didn't dare to judge this plan all by himself and thought it would be appropriate if he left that job to Noah.

"She came up with this all by herself?"

Noah read the new sales plan about the areas in excess of demand in his hand again and again. He seemed quite surprised and shocked by it while asking the manager of the Sales Department.

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