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   Chapter 370 Marry Me

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"Okay. If you don't want to talk about it, let's change the topic," said Julie. She could easily guess by Noah's depressed look that he and Carla weren't getting along.

Honestly, she already had the hunch since Terence came to find her that day.

Terence finding her to substitute Carla on making love with Noah was more than enough proof that Carla and Terence's relationship were still solid.

She was successful in substituting Carla that night, which meant that Noah couldn't tell the difference between her and Carla.

And at the same time, it also meant that Noah and Carla never did anything intimate amid their engagement.

"How are you, Julie? We haven't seen each other for half a year,"

Noah asked after sipping wine from his glass.

Hearing his question, Julie forced a wry smile and answered, "Noah, do you think the fish will live a happy life without water?"

Noah looked at Julie. He hadn't seen this woman beside him for a long time. She still looked the same in general but her eyes looked exhausted now.

Realizing that Noah didn't answer, Julie immediately apologized, "Sorry, Noah, I shouldn't have said that. Don't you want to drink? If you don't mind, can I accompany you?"

Then she raised her glass as if proposing a toast and drank a large sip of wine. "I really hope that you live a happy life, Noah. Even if we are not a couple anymore, I really hope for you to be better without me...

Being loved is much happier than loving someone. But of course, you never know that!"

Julie felt a bit bolder after drinking. She would never dare to tell things like this to Noah before.

Nonetheless, a lot of things had already changed between them. She wasn't Noah's girlfriend anymore, so she wasn't afraid of being abandoned again.

Little did she know that Noah understood what she said clearly.

He even agreed to her thoughts. It was true, being loved was so much better than loving someone.

In all honesty, he didn't even try loving anyone before meeting Carla. He just learned how to love someone sincerely after he and Carla got engaged.

"I'm sorry, Julie." Noah took a sip of wine then looked at the woman next to him.

This woman had been around him for nearly four years. However, he had let her down until he lost her.

Hearing his apology for the first time, Julie wasn't able to stop her tears. He had never said sorry to her even after they broke up. She had nev

Noah woke up and found himself sleeping in a strange but very familiar place.

He pulled the quilt to check himself under it. Soon, he frowned.

"Noah, are you awake? Get up and have breakfast. It's ready."

Julie's voice was gentle when she opened the door.

However, what she saw next was Noah rushing to put his clothes back on. He then took his coat and passed her by as if he didn't see her.

"Noah... Noah?"

Julie tried to call him twice but he never looked back at her anymore. He left her... again.

On the other hand, Carla had just come out of the Hua family's house.

Andrea arranged for a driver to take her to the company. She just got into the car when she saw Noah's car coming.

Then, Noah's car stopped right in front of her.

"Come down. I'll take you to the company," Noah said expressionlessly.

Carla got out of the car and transferred to Noah's car.

They were both dead silent as they drove to the company.

Suddenly, Noah posed, "Carla, marry me!"

Carla was shocked and thought, 'I have said clearly to him yesterday. Why does he suddenly want me to marry him? So strange!'

"I know you can't forget Terence, but that doesn't matter. In this world, not every couple marries because they love each other. Time will make you slowly forget many things!

Let's not talk about the past anymore. You don't even need to be guilty because you don't love me. It's my choice to be kind to you and I'm not asking you to be grateful for it.

Let's just get married and start a new life, Carla!"

Noah said in a very serious tone before he parked the car by the roadside.

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