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   Chapter 369 The Last Negotiation (Part Two)

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After trying to regain her composure, she calmly told him, "Noah, now that you have admitted it yourself that you only agreed to the engagement just for the benefit of getting the Hua Group, there's no need for you to continue treating me so well. At the end of the day, it is nothing but a business move. So, why should you take it too seriously then? I really can't stand how you're being kind to me."

Carla sprang up from the sofa after giving him a piece of her mind. They had already failed to reach an agreement anyway, and all she wanted to do was let Noah understand the status of their relationship. To put it simply, they were merely partners in a deal.

She asked him to stop treating her so well due to the fear of her conscience not being able to take it.

Only then would she finally be able to put her heart at ease and not be concerned with the way he was acting.

As she stepped out of Noah's office, Carla checked what time it was and found out that it was just about time to get off from work.

She intended to go back to the Hua family and rest there for tonight so she could spend some time with Andrea.

Noah didn't go back to the Hua family with her tonight.

Carla stayed up late chatting with Andrea and then headed back to her room to get some sleep.

Given that midnight had already struck, it was unusual for her to receive a text from Terence at this time. Every time the thought of him popping up in her head, she couldn't help herself from feeling delighted. Brimming with excitement, she read the text he sent.

It read, "Carla, are you about to go to sleep?"

Deep in thought for a moment, she opted to purposefully not send him a reply. She wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine and know what it felt to be ignored.

With her mind made up, she pulled the quilt to cover herself and prepared t

bring her one glass of wine as well. Like before, she moved just as gently and graciously. And she also sounded so kind and compassionate.

Noah already had a lot to drink before she arrived, and it was indeed true that his heart was in so much pain, so he wasn't really hostile toward her. With a straight face, he responded, "It's nothing in particular. You know, a person is bound to hit a few bumps in the road. So, I'm simply drowning my sorrows in alcohol."

Carefully stirring the cocktail she had ordered, Julie took a sip before mentioning, "Noah, roughly a month ago, I happened to see that you shared a meal with Miss Carla. Are the two of you a couple?"

The house Noah had bought her happened to be located in HA City. For that reason, she had been staying here most of the time. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise if they chanced upon each other from time to time.

When Carla's name was brought up in the conversation, Noah's face became even more gloomy, but his eyes looked like they were just staring into nothingness. Without humoring her with an answer, he reached for the wine bottle and was about to fill his glass.

However, Julie stopped him in his tracks, pouring wine in the glass for him instead.

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