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   Chapter 368 The Last Negotiation (Part One)

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Carla's eyes had lost all of its shine. She lowered her head and told him, "Noah, can we please try to remain calm and sit down and have a talk?"

Noah recognized the somber look on her face, so he put the rough sketch of the wedding ring down on the table. Taking her sentiment into consideration, he walked over to the sofa in front of them.

In a gentle tone, he asked, "Alright. What is it that you want to talk about?"

Carla had no intention of making the situation worse than it already was. Ideally, she wanted to resolve everything in a peaceful manner. However, it had been such a long time since the two of them had gotten engaged. Because of that, she had no idea what Noah could be thinking right now. Would he still be so headstrong and inflexible, believing that they should still get married?

"Noah, the guilt I feel inside is eating me alive. I just can't run away from the past any longer. I'm really sorry. There's no way for me to easily forget everything that happened in the past. For that reason, Noah, the nicer you are to me, the more I'm being backed into a corner.

And that's because I sincerely believe that you deserve someone better. You deserve a devout woman who loves you with all her heart and soul. But I know that I can never be that woman for you. I don't think I deserve you at all.

You should be well aware that Julie adores you completely. So much so that she's more than willing to do anything for you. A woman like that is who you should be with."

Carla said all of those things while sitting on the sofa with her head facing the floor. When she was done talking, she failed to muster up the courage to look at Noah, who was sitting on the sofa right across her. Due to the nerve-wracking feeling of waiting for his response, she tightly bit her lower lip.

In this society, money could be fought for without much care about anything else, and so did power. But love didn't work like that. Unlike other tr


Shifting her gaze away from Noah over to somewhere else, she bit her lip in an attempt to hide from him. How anxious she really was. She didn't give him an answer and simply sat there in silence.

"Well, I know the truth. Carla, how about this? I'm gonna give you a chance, a chance to leave me. If you're willing to publicly announce in front of all the shareholders, including our mother, that you're going to give up the inheritance of the company, then certainly, I will allow you to leave me."

Upon stating his conditions, he got up right away.

Pondering to himself, he thought, 'If I can't make Carla stay with me, I have to make sure I gain something out of this.

That way, I wouldn't have to lose both.'

"Noah, if I could do that so easily, then I would've already done that a long time ago. Why would I have to wait until now?"

There was an aggrieved smile on her face as she said that to him. It was clear as day that the last negotiation between the two of them failed once again.

If everything was as easy to deal with as Noah said, there would be no arguments in the world anymore.

Carla knew deep inside that she was the rightful person to inherit the Hua Group. With that in mind, how could she just let everything slip away without even giving it much thought?

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