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   Chapter 367 You Are My Wife As You're Pregnant With My Baby

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"Stay here. It's still early. I'll make breakfast for you," Terence said gently to Carla. He then grabbed Carla's bag from her and hung it on a shelf beside him.

Without any more words, he took an apron and started for the kitchen.

"No! I've had breakfast," Carla shouted at him when she saw the man had gone away.

Terence went out of the kitchen at that same time, kicking the garbage can at the door. "What's this? Just a box of yogurt? Is this box of yogurt enough to my wife and child?"

Silently, Carla lowered her head and muttered, "I'm not your wife yet."

"What did you say, Carla?"

Terence was originally on his way back to the kitchen. However, his steps immediately halted when he heard what Carla said. He came to her while rolling his sleeves. "You are carrying my baby. If you're not my wife, then who should be my wife?

We will work on getting our marriage certificate as soon as we get back to JA City. After Grandpa's operation, we will start planning for our wedding."

Carla wanted to refuse him but was stopped when she saw the determination in his eyes. Helplessly, she bowed her head silently again.

She actually thought of reminding him that her engagement with Noah hadn't been canceled yet.

However, she also thought that setting an issue like that would be just like a piece of cake with Terence.

After all, engagements, even in the ordinary family, would face many variables, let alone in Hua family.

Terence fried two eggs and made a delicious dish for her. It was too late to cook the porridge, so he asked Rainer to buy some for her.

Upon Carla finishing her breakfast, Terence ordered Rainer to send her to her workplace.

She honestly found it more convenient when Rainer worked as her driver. She was able to visit several stores around BH City and saw their actual sales reports. Thus, she was able to finish her investigation report. She then went to the Hua Group branch in BH City.

After all her business was done, Carla felt that it was still early, so she went to visit Karen.

Later, she also asked if she could visit her former small home and checked on her old neighbors but Rainer rejected her request.

To be exact, it was Terence's order.

Terence thought that Carla would feel tired after her work. Thus, he didn't allow her to roam so much anymore.

In the end, Carla's only choice was to return to Terence's house in BH City.

On the other hand, Terence was scheduled to return to JA City long ago, but he changed and readjusted his plans upon knowing about Carla's pregnancy.

After livin

mile, "And I want to go back to see Mother in the evening."

"Okay," answered Noah instantly while smiling back. He then held her hand and took her to the table beside them. He pulled out a design sketch from the drawer and showed it to her.

"Look at this! Do you like it?"

Carla's face froze when she saw what was on the design sketch. For a moment, her smile stiffened.

"Did you design this personally?"

she asked, thinking that the clear pencil marks on the drawing were not like printing.

"Yes. When I was studying abroad, I dabbled in jewelry design. And I think my own design will be much more meaningful than others' works,"

Noah said. He stared at the design sketch of the wedding ring and said, "Try to check it. If there is anything that you don't like, I can modify it until you are satisfied..."

Carla didn't say any words.

Her thoughts were suddenly reeling at the moment. She took the paper and ran her trembling fingertips on the drawing. She could feel the deep affection oozing from every line of that design.

And it made her guilt weigh her down more.

She thought it was hard to ignore how much Noah loved her regardless of how cruel he was.

"What's wrong? Don't you like it? It doesn't matter. You just have to tell me what to change."

Worry instantly showed on Noah's face the moment he noticed her dissatisfaction.

"No, no," Carla denied right away. She secretly took a deep breath and evaded his stare. She had to cover how panic she was. "Very good! Noah, the drawing is pretty good.

I just don't think I deserve all these things that you are doing for me."

Shocked by her words, Noah grabbed her shoulder and asked, "What happened? Why are you saying that?"

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