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   Chapter 365 The Grandson Of The An Family Is Coming (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7189

Updated: 2019-09-12 00:02

'Is Miss Carla carrying a child?' This thought left both Nathan and Rainer completely stunned.

If it was true that she really was expecting, then what would that entail?

'If it's indeed true, then the beloved grandson which the An family has long been waiting for is already sleeping inside Miss Carla's belly right now. Truly amazing! This means that Mr. Nicholas's wish to become a great grandfather can finally be brought to fruition in the days to come, ' Nathan and Rainer secretly pondered.

It should, of course, go without saying that it couldn't possibly compare to what Terence was feeling. But still, the two of them had been utterly taken by surprise, and at the same time, they just couldn't help but feel exhilarated upon hearing the news. It was like they were even happier in that moment than they were when they found out that they were going to have babies themselves.

"I understand, Mr. Terence. As you wish, I will do it right away," Nathan exclaimed, stepping out of the car without any further delay.

Rainer became the designated driver after he left. With overflowing excitement, he got on the driver's seat and drove at just around twenty miles per hour. He was driving so cautiously, fearing that the An family's grandson lying in Carla's belly might accidentally end up getting hurt.

Eventually, they managed to get to Carla's home.

Lifting Carla, Terence carried her over to her bed and asked her to take some much-needed rest. Then, he proceeded to pull the quilt and covered her with it. He seemed so thoughtful as he was doing all of that for her.

All of a sudden, Carla grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly and told him, "Terence, we can't keep this child no matter what. I need to come to the hospital tomorrow first thing in the morning to have it aborted. Could you please take me there?"

She knew better than anybody else what the situation was in the Hua family. If she were to decide to keep this child, the consequences she would then have to face would become much, much worse than it already was. Because of that, she had already made up her mind and given up on the idea of going throu

should be quite easy. Just make sure he doesn't know that you are expecting right now. I'll have you know that I've already planned everything carefully. After about a month or so, I will have your status in the Hua Group established. By that time, even if Noah doesn't want to acknowledge your position, he would have no choice but to deal with it."

As he told her those things, Terence was tightly holding onto Carla's hand. Affectionately looking at her, he said, "Carla, for now, what I want you to do is relax and just make sure you're in good physical condition. As for the other trivial matters, I will personally take care of them myself."

"Even so..."

"Carla, I am a man. And I'm going to be your husband as well as the father of our child when the time comes. You need to learn to trust me and to depend on me. It was because of your identity that you've been forced to get engaged with Noah. But the situation has changed completely now. I need to get everything ready for our home. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Terence interrupted Carla before she could say anything else and calmly broke everything down to her. Sitting beside her on the bed, he wrapped his arms around her and comforted her, "Well, you've already been outside for the whole day, so you must be feeling so tired. Just take this time to rest. Is there anything that you'd like to have for dinner? I'll get you anything you want."

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