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   Chapter 364 A Baby

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Carla was stunned!

It came all of a sudden. The ice under her feet broke and caused her to fall uncontrollably.

On the other hand, Rena looked gloating as she watched Carla and almost clapped her hands.

She had been hoping that the ice would crack but she hadn't expected it to happen in reality.

At the moment, Terence rushed to grab Carla's hand before she completely fell into the ice hole.

Although half of Carla's body was dipped in the water, Terence summoned all his strength to tug her from sinking.

Nathan hurriedly went to fetch a rope. After getting one, he tied one end to a tree and threw the other to Terence. "Mr. Terence, catch it!"

Terence caught the rope with his free hand and tied it to his body. Then he started to pull Carla out with his two hands.

"Carla! Carla! Are you alright?"

Terence kept shouting at her upon pulling her out. He took off his jacket and carefully wrapped Carla with it. She was chilling really hard.

Immediately, Terrence carried her down the hill. At the same time, Nathan saw a sightseeing bus coming, so he quickly rushed to stop it and asked the driver to give them a lift.

Without wasting any time, Terence took Carla onto the bus.

He kept calling her name, but she didn't have any strength to reply. The chill seemed to have frozen Carla.

Terence was worried as hell!

Because of the low-quality clinics here, they went to a hospital instead. It had been a ten-minute drive.

Knowing that Carla's leg just recovered recently, Terence was anxious that what happened might damage her leg again.

"Terence, I'm fine. There's no need to take me to the hospital..." Carla started to recover but replied in a trembling voice.

She wasn't a fragile woman. Thus, she thought that there was no need to go to the hospital at all. Falling into the cold water wasn't a big deal for her.

"Stop talking." Terence shut her up and then stroked her cold forehead. It hurt him a lot to see Carla's lips turning purple. He held her tighter against him. After they rushed into the emergency room, Terence turned the air conditioner to the warmest it could get as if it were his home.

"Doctor, she accidentally fell into the ice just now. Please take a look at her!"

The female doctor was shocked at how Terence behaved. However, it was her duty to treat every patient that came in.

"Usually, there shouldn't be any pro

nt seat.

They couldn't understand why Terence changed his attitude so fast.

He was so indifferent to Carla just hours ago. How came he was treating her like a precious baby now?

It was not until the car started moving that they heard Rena shouting from behind.

They forgot her!

"Nathan, let Rainer drive. You get off to deal with Rena. Buy her an air ticket and send her back to JA City,"

Terence ordered, realizing that Rena was still there.

"Yes, Mr. Terence. But, you know Miss Rena. She is a very tough girl to deal with... "

Nathan expressed his concern.

"Tough? I don't owe her anything. You are good at dealing with those kinds of stuff. Go ahead," said Terence, lifting his eyebrows.

Rena was just a cover for him from the very beginning. Besides, she obviously had a lot of fun while acting as Terence's girlfriend for the past few days. She should be grateful for having that opportunity.

"Mr. Terence, do you mean that you don't want to be with Miss Rena anymore?" Nathan asked surprisingly.

The reason why he asked was that he thought that Terence still needed to use Rena.

However, Terence ignored him again when he turned to Carla and commanded, "Carla, what are you doing? Lie down. Don't hurt the baby."

He then held her back onto his laps.

Rainer's and Nathan's eyes almost popped out of their sockets with what they heard.

What? What happened?

The baby?

As far as Rainer remembered, they rushed to the hospital because Carla fell into the iced water. Did that involve a baby? Nathan and Rainer couldn't believe what they heard.

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