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   Chapter 362 Is He Happy With Another Girl

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9828

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Carla knew that she and Terence were meant to torture each other since she got engaged to Noah.

On top of it, she was also aware that the ending of their relationship depended on her decision.

After stating his words, Terence walked towards the door and left without any hesitation.

Carla was left alone as she worriedly scratched her head. She didn't know what to do now. She thought, 'Why is Terence so fond of forcing me to do what I don't want to do?

He shouldn't be warning me over and over even if there's only a month left before his deadline.

I'm not even sure if I should get there as he said.

I know that my decisions are meaningless now. I should go since he has ordered me to go.

But then, should I wait to see him dating Rena for real and watch them happy together? No.

How am I supposed to live if Terence falls in love with another woman?

Moreover, how could he treat me this way when he knows all along that I love him so much?'

A few minutes later, Carla was surprised to see a cleaner come in to help. She remembered Terence talking about it earlier but she didn't take what he said seriously. 'I'll just let the cleaner help me clean this place. I may not be living here for a long time, but this is my home for now after all.'

Soon enough, Carla received the address Terence sent.

Thus, she told the cleaner about some important orders and then went to her room to change. She didn't want to fall behind Rena when it came to looks.

Although she hurried, Terence was no longer at the gate of that ski resort when she arrived. Thus, she let out a long sigh, went straight to the ticket window, and ended up buying her own ticket.

BH City was a famous landmark for skiing. It could be observed especially in this season. There were countless people in that place now.

While waiting in line, Carla heard someone call her and saw Rainer running to her.

"Mr. Terence already bought a ticket for you, Miss Carla," said Rainer as he handed her a ticket.

Realizing what happened, Carla smiled. It was obvious that Terence still cared for her.

"Where is he?" she asked.

"Umh... Miss Rena said that she wanted to see the snow inside the resort, so Mr. Terence accompanied her. Please follow me, Miss Carla. I will take you to them."

Rainer looked shy when he gestured Carla to follow him to the entry.

Walking behind Rainer, Carla noticed that the place did have its right to boast. It indeed had high-quality skiing devices inside. To top it all, it also had this charming ice sculptures and snow waiting for the visitors to appreciate.

"Can I ask you something, Rainer? Is Rena intimate with your boss?"

Carla pretended to casually ask the man walking before her as she seemed to focus more on her steps.

"Well, it can be considered like that,"

answered Rainer while thinking of how other girls couldn't even come close to Terence. Compared with them, he could

alking behind, were silent with their heads bowed down. They were secretly laughing silently.

Although Terence wasn't acknowledging Carla directly, the whole month that he didn't see her made him terribly miss her. Little did she know how much he was dying to see her today.

He heard that Carla was on a business trip. Thus, he planned to come here too, pretending that he needed to deal with some small matters.

His only purpose of being here was to somehow ease himself from missing her like crazy.

They walked for quite a long time.

"Ah! Look at that, Terence! It's so interesting. Let's go have a look at it!"

Rena pointed to the ski boat ahead and clapped her hands happily.

The ski boat was designed for two people with the woman's seat at the front and the man's seat at the rear. It was made so the riders could slide down the snowy slope together.

Carla also looked up to what Rena was pointing to and found that there were a lot of couples enjoying the ride. The men were holding their women tightly with their legs as they both slid down. She immediately frowned upon noticing how intimate each couple was. Wanting to stop Rena, she turned to them and tried to say something.

"You know what, I think that slope is ..." "I see. Alright then. Let's go."

Terence cut Carla off and didn't refuse Rena's request. Worse, he even smiled at the woman as he spoke.

Rena immediately anticipated being held by Terence tightly, so she excitedly grabbed Terence's arm and dragged him to one of the ski boats.

Naturally, Nathan and Rainer followed Terence to the ski boat, leaving Carla with no choice but to walk after them even if she didn't want to.

They were already at the top of the slope when Carla noticed that the riders were all couples. Although she was exhausted from the steep climb, an idea kicked in Carla's mind. Thus, she turned to the man beside her and asked, "Rainer, do you want to try this ride with me?"

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