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   Chapter 361 Terence Was Also In BH City

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"Carla, I swear to God I'll never hit you again. That would never happen again. Please forgive me,"

Noah said as he tightly held her in his chest. Then he continued guiltily, "I didn't sleep yesterday. I spent the whole night regretting what I did to you. Carla, you don't know how I hate myself. I was being unreasonable and impulsive.

Carla, it's all my fault. I know I'm mistaken. It was Johnny being a jerk. You're not the one that should be blamed. I'm so sorry, Carla."

Johnny was technically Carla's friend. It was natural that she ran into a friend and had a small talk once in a while. It wasn't that she had cheated on him. She did nothing wrong.

Johnny was the one with an evil purpose. And that fact had nothing to do with her.

Carla pushed Noah away. She then took a deep breath and said, "Noah, I got to go. I don't want to be late."

"Don't worry. I'll drive you to the airport," replied Noah as he went to his bedroom to get changed.

After they arrived at the airport, Noah said as he took out her suitcase, "You can go back to your home in BH City and stay as long as you want once you're there. Here are some gifts I bought yesterday. You can give them to your friends and relatives."

Noah helped Carla to consign her luggage and didn't leave until she entered the departure gate.

A few hours later, Carla got to BH City safely.

Carla was supposed to come here for a business purpose. However, she actually wanted to spend more time in her old apartment too. She missed it so much and that was why she tried so hard to get the business trip chance here.

It was almost noon when she got off the plane.

Instead of heading to a hotel, Carla went to her apartment here directly.

Terence bought this place for her after her old one was ruined by fire. She wasn't given enough time to tidy it after that disaster.

The apartment had been empty for a long time and Carla could see a thick layer of dust everywhere.

After all the misunderstandings and chaos that happened between her and Noah these days, Carla thought that it was a good thing for her to stay away from Noah for a few days. Plus, it wasn't easy to get a chance to visit this place again, so she decided to stay in BH City for several days.

After taking a short break on the sofa, Carla stood up, took her coat off, wore an apron, and rolled up her sleeves. She was all set to clean up the whole place.

About an hour passed and she finally stepped in one of the bedrooms. She stood still for a while before cleaning. She opened the closet and saw a lot of men's shirts and pants hanging. Beneath them were some belts and underwear. All this was for Terence.

Carla watched them for a while then she smiled bitterly.

She seemed to have lost her strength all of a sudden and couldn't continue cleaning. She put aside the duster cloth and huddled on the bed, fixing her eyes on the closet.

After a while, she looked up to

d to make me jealous before. But since you are in a serious relationship with her now and you two have been together for so long, I don't think you should break her heart."

She moved the duster cloth heavily. She was restless and distracted.

She didn't understand. She thought that he still loved her when they met in the basement restaurant. He told her his heart was still hers and no one could take him away from her.

However, she was confused now. Why was he doing this?

Or was it that he was suffering from the fact that she had been with Noah? Although he knew she still loved him, the whole engagement thing with Noah made their connection look immoral. Was it possible that he was making it even by being with Rena?

Mixed feelings flooded Carla when she thought about it. Thanks to all the things happening between her and Noah, plus the responsibility she bore in the Hua family, she felt she didn't have the right to blame Terence. She wasn't in the position to ask him to leave a woman for her.

Nevertheless, the fact that he was with another woman broke her heart. She could hardly bear that.

"Carla, you need to have a rest. I've hired a cleaner for you. She will be here soon,"

Terence said as he watched her from behind.

"Are you free in the afternoon? I want to take you to a place," he continued.

Hearing what he said, Carla threw the duster cloth heavily onto the table. Then she raised herself with anger and glared at him.

"You seriously want me to see you being with another woman? Forget it!"

Terence suddenly stepped forward. He asked, "How do you feel about this? Are you miserable? Oh, Carla, just suffer it. That's how I spent those days when you were with Noah."

Carla was speechless. Then he added, "I'll text you the address later. You can go or not. It's your choice. But remember, if you choose not to come, there would be only me and Rena."

Terence stressed each syllable as he warned her.

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