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   Chapter 359 Sorry, I Shouldn't Have Slapped You (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Chang Du Characters: 7013

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Noah didn't pay attention to what Johnny had said. Instead, he turned to Carla and stated, "Carla, let's go."

Carla nodded in agreement. Then, she immediately walked away. Subconsciously, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

She didn't say nor do anything but on the inside, there was a turmoil in her mind. She wanted to cry or scream at Johnny or both.

When Noah kissed her at their engagement party, she was very uncomfortable. More importantly, she felt a pang of huge guilt in her heart because she felt that she was betraying Terence. But right then, Johnny also kissed her! No one could imagine what she was going through at that moment.

She thought, 'Would it be possible to change my lips?

Those that I have feel so dirty. I want to change them for clean ones. I only want to be kissed by Terence for the rest of my life. I absolutely don't want other men to touch my lips!'

However, no matter how much Carla tried to be discreet, Johnny noticed when she wiped her lips. Johnny smiled widely and immediately, he was in a good mood.

There were a lot of pretty women around him who would be willing to throw themselves at him. Sometimes, there were even some young married women who would try their best to attract him. But there was something about Carla that piqued his interest so much. It took him a long while to put his finger on it. Until he arrived at the conclusion that Carla disgusted him so much, Johnny thought that maybe that was the reason why he was so obsessed with this woman.

Inside the car, Noah was particularly silent while they were on their way home.

He didn't say anything at all. He just stared at the window with an expression that Carla couldn't read.

All she could be certain of was that he was angry.

However, she didn't know how to explain the situation to him.

After a while, Carla and Noah finally arrived at the villa.

But still, Noah didn't say anything to Carla. He just quietly got out of the car and made his way to his room.

Carla wanted to call out to him so that they could properly talk. Howe

king for a favor of a grown-up. If it had been any other day, Noah would have found her adorable. But with the situation that they had right now, he was immobile.

"Carla, is this how you coax Terence whenever he was angry with you before? Nothing more?" Noah sneered while he looked at the woman holding his arm. It was clear to him that she didn't have any plans to regain his affections through physical intimacy like hugging or kissing.

When she realized what he meant, Carla stopped talking and immediately turned her head to the ground.

She answered him in her own heart, 'Of course there's something more, but you are not Terence.'

When she didn't respond, Noah continued, "Carla, to tell you the truth, I'm very disappointed with you. I want to do my best to care for you, but I finally realized that you had been completely ignoring my feelings for you.

Maybe you still hate me or resent me. Maybe you still believe that one day, our engagement will be canceled and then you'd be free to marry Terence!

But do you know what I have been thinking about all this time? All I've been thinking about is how I can make it easier for you, how I can take off any load that you've been carrying, how I can make you happier, and how I can show my affections for you. On top of that, I still think about where I could take you out so you could eat the most delicious food after work.

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