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   Chapter 358 Can You Flirt With Me

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7957

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Carla sat on the sofa in the resting area. Seeing that there were only a few people around her, she took off her shoes and put her legs on the seat. She then began to massage her sore and painful legs.

She didn't even notice how she was abusing her legs earlier as she only paid attention to riding her horse quickly and happily. Now she felt exhausted and aching. But it was okay, and it was just a little pain anyway.

"I told you to ride slowly. However, you rode the horse like a gust of wind just now," Noah reprimanded in a tender voice.

He came over with two cups of juice and put them on the table.

Sitting next to her, he put her legs on his legs and kneaded her calves gently.

Laughing at him, Carla reached for the juice and drank. "I haven't been so crazy for a long time. I felt so excited so I forgot the pain on my legs for a while..."

"I'll get you a basin of hot water and some wormwood once we get back. It will make your legs recover faster," said Noah. It was then that his phone rang.

Thus, Noah looked at his phone, let go of Carla's legs for a while, and stood up. He then turned to Carla. "Take a rest first. I'll just go out to answer the call."

"Okay!" Carla responded.

She put her legs down and sat cross-legged on the sofa with the juice still in her hand.

Suddenly, her phone rang too.

She saw a stranger's message when she looked at its screen.

The message said, "Turn left from the back door and go straight to a small arbor. I'll wait for you there."

Carla stared at the message and thought for a while. Then it finally hit her, 'Would it be Terence?"

Remembering that she hadn't seen him for almost a month, she got so excited that she immediately put her shoes on and went out.

The last time she met Terence was in the underground restaurant. She tried calling him this month but he wouldn't answer her phone.

With Terence in her mind, she ran out of the resting area, completely disregarding her aching legs. She turned to the left in haste upon going out.

She saw a man with his back to her as soon as she reached the arbor.

Unable to control herself, she walked faster and cried out, "Terence!"

Carla ran and hugged him from behind.

However, the man spoke, "Terence? You've been engaged to Noah.

Why are you even thinking about another man?"

Carla immediately pushed him away disgust


On the other hand, Johnny was frowning in pain as he accidentally bumped his head on the ground. However, upon noticing that Carla landed on him and was now staring at him with a stunned look, he quickly took the opportunity to grab her head and kiss her lips.

Johnny felt pleasant when kissing her. Actually, he thought it was really worth that he could kiss her once more in his lifetime.

What happened rendered Carla shocked for a while.

It was only after she recovered that things sunk into her. Johnny just kissed her!

She quickly gave Johnny a slap, which made the man shout in slight pain.

Then she stood up, wanting to leave. But then, as soon as she turned around, she saw Noah standing just under the arbor.

"What are you doing?" Noah looked at Carla and Johnny disbelievingly.

His shock was written all over his face.

"Noah... It was just an accident. I almost fell and he tried to pull me and then..."

Carla explained. But she found such explanation was of no use.

How could she even explain why she was here now with Johnny?

Thinking of that, Carla looked back at Johnny angrily.

Johnny stood up from the ground and patted the dust on his clothes.

"Yes, Carla's telling the truth! I'm one of her friends, Mr. Noah. We just met by chance and talked for a while. It was just an accident. If you don't believe it, there's a CCTV there. You can go to see it!"

Johnny said, pointing to the camera in the corner.

Of course, Johnny knew that the recording would not show that he was the one who initiated the kiss from its angle.

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