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   Chapter 357 Buy Wedding Ring

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"Why are you so nervous? We will have to buy wedding rings sooner or later since we are getting married soon after the New Year." Noah noticed that Carla looked uncomfortable and nervous, so he held her hand tightly. He even gave her a big smile, wanting to calm her.

"Well, sir and madam, have a look here. These are our most popular recent models. Moreover, they are all unique. We are also offering specialized designers to customize them for you." The saleslady introduced the pieces of jewelry to them. She was hoping for the couple to buy her products.

Walking closer to the dazzling jewels, Carla gave each of them a glance. She didn't look happy at all when she turned to Noah and forced a bitter smile. Pretending to scrutinize the displays in the showcase, she casually said, "They are all beautiful. But I don't think there's any here that I personally like, Noah."

As she spoke she suddenly thought of the huge diamond rings inside her drawer that Terence had brought her.

Going back to reality, she thought that the rings in the shop were not even a match to what she already had. They all looked worthless.

Noah also lowered his head to scan the rings. He nodded after some seconds and agreed, "You're right. There's nothing special here. Well, that's fine. I don't think that these ordinary rings can match you at all. We don't have enough time now, so I'll just find a good designer to customize one for you later."

Carla nodded greatly and thought that it was better not to buy a wedding ring now. She was still holding her hopes high that things would change soon.

The two walked out of the jewelry store and went back to the car.

"Aren't we going back to the company, Noah?"

asked Carla upon noticing that they were not driving towards the office building of the Hua Group.

"Yes. It is Sunday and you only have half a day to rest before going back to work tomorrow. So, of course! I should take you out to have some fun! That's a lot better than sending you back to the office and let you work overtime."

Noah glanced at Carla patiently. He shifted his gaze to look at the road ahead.

Then he added, "Don't worry about the company. I have already arranged everything well."

Truth was, he didn't want to hear her explanation.

Carla read his mind and just silently agreed.

When they arrived and finally parked the car, Carla was amazed to find that he took her to a racecourse!

"I heard that you love riding horses, so I decided to take you here. How do you feel now? You aren't just bragging about it, are you?" Noah smiled teasingly while looking at her. Then he led her inside the racecourse.

"How can you say that I'm bragging? I'm done

ed three or even four months ago. It is not sudden. It's just that I thought it was fake news,"

murmured Johnny with his eyes still focused on the girl. He was obviously in deep thoughts.

"Whoa! That's shocking! I never expected that the outstanding and charming Terence would lose to Noah. Incredible!"

Kelvin shook his head slowly to show how amazed he was.

There were countless of wealthy and powerful families in JA City. Nevertheless, the An Family could be considered the leader among others. How was it possible to lose to a business family? Moreover, the family that beat the An family was just from a second-tier city. That was just utterly ridiculous!

"Stop jumping to conclusions. There must be something more to it that we don't know,"

said Johnny contemplatively.

He had known Terence for far more than just one day. Thus, he felt that he knew him more or less.

With how he remembered Terence personality, Terence wasn't really the type of person to give up on something he had chosen. The only time Terence would let it go was when he didn't care about it anymore.

Therefore, Johnny knew that fighting with him would be futile. It would be very unwise to fight against Terence for something Terence valued.

At the racecourse, Carla felt very tired after riding for a long while. Thus, she got off the horse and took a rest.

Noah carefully helped her jump off the horse and then affectionately wiped the sweat on her forehead. He then said, "Are you tired? Let's rest there."

Nodding, Carla followed him into the resting area.

Johnny was standing next to the resting area's window at that time and saw the two walking towards him. Suddenly, he came up with a good idea, so he waved at Kelvin.

"Kelvin, give me a hand. I want you to do me a favor."

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