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   Chapter 356 The Substitute Woman

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Carla felt a bit complicated. She pretended to put on her clothes under the quilt while glancing at Noah who was standing at the door.

"What's wrong? I don't remember what happened just now, Noah. And please don't give nonsense talks. Otherwise, I'll be mad!" she deliberately said, acting to be shy.

She was secretly wondering who substituted her to make love with Noah.

Carla could see her substitute hiding behind the bed right now as if the woman didn't want Carla to see her face.

She hadn't slept with Noah before and Terence strategically broke the electric brake. With all lights turned off, she was pretty sure that Noah wouldn't figure out the difference between her and any other woman as long as the substitute's figure was similar to hers.

Thinking about it, Carla couldn't help but smirk. Terence could obviously read and anticipate Noah's plan. Although the solution he had was too risky, Carla still thought that he was amazing.

Little did she know that Terence had always been on her back since her engagement to Noah. He was silently observing and controlling each of their actions as his care for her never stopped.

"Is it really that easy to ignore me, Carla? Aren't you the one who lured me just a while back..."


Carla interrupted him, pushed the quilt away from her, and walked towards Noah. She then continued acting. "Stop talking about it, please. I've managed to forget Terence. I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't drunk..."

That was when something came to her mind. Thus, she raised her chin and asked, "What kind of wine did you make me drink, Noah? I'm not supposed to get drunk that fast."

Hearing her suspicion over the wine, Noah coughed softly and immediately changed the topic. "You're probably just not good at drinking. Let's go! The driver has been waiting outside."

"Okay," she replied. She decided not to unmask Noah even though she knew that he was lying. She had no plans of blowing out the fact that she wasn't the one he made love with just yet. Carla and Noah went out of the room together.

After the two left, the substitute woman hiding behind the bed slowly sat up from the ground. She was still naked. She had a wry smile on her face albeit the willingness and sweetness in her eyes.

The substitute woman was no other than Julie.

Terence's love for Carla was indeed undeniable.

However, Julie's love for Noah was just as deep.

That was the reason why it didn't even take her a second to agree on Terence's plan.

This wasn't the first time she made love to Noah. It was just that he hadn't gone to find her for a long time. She terribly missed him and feeling his touches and kisses just now made her satisfied. If only he wasn't chanting "Carla" or "Callie" while kissing her, she could have felt even happier.

On the other hand, Carla and Noah just got into the car.

They were sitting clo

rything will be in vain," said Carla with a smile.

She got two reasons to work in Hua Group. The first was to get familiar with the company, while the next was to make a name for herself.

It was just like playing a game.

There should always be a goal for every round.

She didn't have a chance to show her ability in the Distribution Department. However, the Sales Department provided her a lot of chances. Thus, she needed to hit the iron while it was still hot. As the company's heir, it was a must for her to prove her capacity to the Hua Group's shareholders.

Noah understood these things. Moreover, he also knew that Carla didn't want to let Andrea down.

She was the Hua family's only biological daughter after all and not just an ordinary employee.

"I won't prevent you from getting achievements, Callie. I will even help you since I'm more experienced than you," said Noah affectionately. He then stood up and added, "Let's talk about your work over a meal. How about that?"

Carla also stood up after a long stretch. She smiled at him and said, "Okay, let's go!"

Carla thought that Noah would only take her to lunch. However, she got surprised when he stopped the car as soon as they passed a jewelry store.

Carla muttered unconsciously to herself, 'What's he going to do now?'

"Let's stop over here. I want to buy a necklace for Mother and you," said Noah with a smile upon seeing her stunned face.

Relief flooded Carla upon hearing him. She then got out of the car and walked to the jewelry store with him.

As he said, Noah bought a necklace for Andrea and her. She was under the impression that they were already done when Noah took her to another showcase where beautiful diamond rings were displayed.

He told the staff, "Kindly help her choose a wedding ring..."

Carla froze upon hearing those words.

She thought, 'Oh my God! Terrible! The most terrible thing is coming!"

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