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   Chapter 355 Swap In The Dark

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8939

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Noah poured the wine into a U-shaped decanter and held it up. He then walked towards Carla casually as if he didn't do anything wrong.

He fetched two goblets from the dining table and filled both of them, one for Carla and the other one for himself.

As vigilant as Carla was, she wouldn't drink anything alone. Noah knew about that, so he decided to drink along with her.

After seeing Noah take a sip, Carla was convinced that the wine was okay and took a sip too without thinking further. "The food is delicious. You should try it too, Noah."

"Okay." Noah smiled back. They started to eat and chat while drinking red wine. Carla couldn't help but eat a lot since the food was delicious.

She was more than pleased with how the dessert tasted. She also ended up drinking a few glasses of wine without even realizing it.

It was only when she started feeling dizzy that she put her wine glass down. She couldn't continue drinking any further.

"Noah, I feel dizzy."

Carla rubbed her temple and felt her body heating up. How could the alcohol work so fast?

"Take a rest inside, Carla. I'm going out to call us a driver."

Standing up, Noah walked to her and carefully led her to the couch inside.

Since they had the wine together, the drug was also kicking in him. However, he decided to suppress his urge temporarily.

"Carla? Carla?"

Noah whispered to her ear but Carla was already unconscious. Her arms moved up and wrapped around his neck sweetly, murmuring, "Hold me tight, Terence."

Stunned, Noah looked at her face in anger. He suddenly wanted to shake her up. "Carla, take a careful look at me. I'm Noah, not Terence."

His self-esteem was murdered when Carla mistook him for another man.

"Terence? Don't be angry. I'm sorry. I'll let you kiss me, okay?" On the other hand, Carla's mind was filled with no one else but Terence. Driven by the alcohol, she couldn't even distinguish who the man before her was. Taking him as Terence, she pouted her lips and leaned forward.

Noah's face darkened while he was staring at Carla. As she was leaning closer to him, he decided to take the chance. He quickly took his jacket off and unbuttoned his shirt.

He was about to grab Carla to press his body on her when the light suddenly turned off.

A few seconds later, a loud noise echoed from the outside. Thus, Noah was forced to put his jacket back on and walked out. "What happened?"

"We are so sorry, sir! The electric brake suddenly went off. We'll have someone come to fix it soon. Please wait for a moment. Again, we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience."

Noah headed back after hearing that explanation. He didn't care if

nder she felt strange about the wine.

"I got it." Carla paused and continued, "Terence, you said that you were going to marry Rena. Is that true?"

Carla had been thinking about it for several days. It was like a sting in her heart.

"Yes, it's true."


"Carla, there are only two months left. I can only wait for you for two months. Do you understand?" Terence looked at her with his darkening eyes.

As if out of choice, Carla nodded at him. Terence's eyes looked as if he was drifted in sorrow. "I understand. That means that you're still mine. You've never loved another woman, right?"

Terence didn't reply and just took a glance over her naked body. He then looked away and said, "Hurry up. We don't have enough time."

Five minutes before the power got back, someone knocked on the door of room 18 where Noah was in.

"Sir, the power will be back soon. We're terribly sorry for this. To make it up to you, we'll provide two exquisite dishes for free. It will be delivered to you after the power is on. Thanks for your understanding."

Noah cleared his throat. "Okay, thank you."

After the waiter went away, Noah turned around and walked towards the room.

On the bed, Carla rubbed her hair, acting like she just woke up. She then sat up and turned her phone's light on. She pretended as though looking for something and called, "Noah? Where are you, Noah?"

"What the... Where're my clothes?"

"Noah, please don't come in!"

She then turned the light off and zipped her dress.

In fact, she saw a woman hiding behind the couch.

Hearing Carla, Noah laughed and thought that she was just being shy. Standing at the door, he teased her by saying, "Don't you remember what happened? How can you easily forget something that hot, Carla?"

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