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   Chapter 353 Carla's Trick (Part Two)

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The two of us, even York, should all work side by side. We should do what we can to get rid of Carla and drag her out of our family instead of lending her a hand in securing a position in the Hua Group!"

Bonnie said all of that while walking closer to him, grabbing his arm and shaking it in frustration.

"Noah... Just recently, I overheard Mother and Carla have a conversation! Do you have any idea what they were talking about? Mother and Carla were on the same side. They were plotting against you and trying to find a way to stop you from being the president of the company!

Noah, now that you know the two of them are determined to keep you from being the head of this company, you are free to do as you please and eliminate Carla without giving her any chance to take your place. You can do that without even breaking a sweat given your influence in the Hua Group at the moment. But why are you still trying to defend her?"

Turning his back on her, Noah gently closed his eyes and said, "Bonnie, I'm well aware of what I'm doing right now. Things are not as simple as you make them out to be."

"Noah, please don't tell me that you're doing all of this because you want to marry that woman," Bonnie anxiously asked.

Then, she gave him a scornful look, furrowing her eyebrows. "No, please don't say that you've really fallen in love with her!

Noah, you shouldn't have feelings for that girl! Because no matter what you say or do, she's still so in love with Terence even now! Even if you were to end up getting married, there's no way for you to make sure that she would be faithful to you in the future!"

Bonnie exclaimed, wanting to wake him up from the illusion that he seemed to be in.

After all, she had dealt with Terrence before, so she had some idea of what kind of man Terence was. She believed that as long as Terence still had feelings for Carla, he would gladly go to grea

thing bad to you, there was no way you could get to be mad at her.

Upon hearing Carla's thoughts about the matter, Noah actually felt quite at ease. He walked over toward her and checked her leg. "How does your leg feel? Does it still hurt? Do you want me to come to the hospital with you so we could have it examined?"

Shaking her head, Carla gently smiled at him and said, "It doesn't hurt, really. I'm just a little hungry. That's all."

"Well, it's already noon. How's about I take you to lunch?" Noah invited her after checking what time it was. As he was helping her get up, Carla began to talk again.

"Noah, did you forget that you've promised me a sumptuous meal tonight? Is this lunch going to affect our slap-up meal?"

Carla asked him directly, wearing a playful smile on her face and blinking her eyes.

"Of course not,"

Noah happily answered as a smile crept onto his face. When he looked at how Carla was not upset in any way and instead, saw how positive she was being even after what she had just been though, he felt guilty and conflicted at the same time.

He felt guilty that he didn't do anything to protect her.

And the reason why he was feeling so conflicted was that he found himself utterly unable to control his own heart...

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