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   Chapter 352 Carla's Trick (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6879

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At that moment, Carla was actually just sitting motionlessly on a swing hidden under the shade.

And right next to her were four bottles of water.

If you were to think that she would actually run all those twenty laps all by herself, then you would be completely mistaken.

You should never ever look down on a girl like Carla!

She was well aware that her leg would most probably give in after running even just ten laps, let alone twenty laps.

For that reason, she figured out a way to avoid going through all that suffering. As the old proverb went, "Money makes the mare go."

She was able to find a girl whose frame was just like hers, with the intention of having that girl wear her coat and run a handful of those laps in her stead.

She was under the assumption that the people who wanted to torment her, Bonnie, most especially, wouldn't have such keen eyesight to see her face clearly. Bonnie's office was a bit of a ways from the track, so Carla was quite certain that she couldn't possibly notice that she wasn't really the one running.

When that girl finished running fifteen laps around the track, Carla thought that it was enough.

Getting up from the swing, Carla waved at the girl and called, "Come over here, Miss! Thank you very much for doing this for me! You should drink some water first!"

Then, she promptly took out all of the cash she had on her pocket and told the girl, "Here's the money I promised you. This is all the cash I have on me right now. And I left my cellphone at home. Just leave me your contact info, and I'll transfer the rest of the payment to your account later when I get home!"

The deal they had, which was one hundred for every single lap, would, of course, be quite an enticing offer for a lot of people.

But in regards to her well-being, all that money was just a trifling matter.

She was now down to the last five laps thanks to the help of the girl she found. So, she thought that she'd better start running and finish the last five laps herself. Else, she was worried that she wo

successfully pull it off.'

Meanwhile, as all of those random thoughts were running through Carla's head, the atmosphere inside the president's office wasn't as light as that of the staff lounge.

Bonnie silently stood in front of Noah, bowing her head as he furiously lashed out at her.

"Bonnie, why can't you understand the position that you're in?

The two of us, we both have been adopted by the Hua family. So, why are you still hell-bent on persecuting Mother's biological daughter? You're getting way ahead of yourself! With what you're acting right now, you're only looking for trouble! Don't you see what you're doing?"

Noah said in a low and surly voice, trying hard to control his anger.

Then he went on and added, "If you know where you stand, stop being so hard-headed and getting jealous of other people all the time. That way, Mother won't stop loving you and I, myself, will be kind to you as well! But right now, to be honest with you, you're just making me and Mother resent you even more. Do you understand that?"

Unable to take it anymore and feeling so repulsed, Bonnie raised her head and retorted, "Noah, aren't you aware of the reason why I'm always pushing her around?

Yes, I know that full well. Both of us are just adoptive children, so don't you think we should be on the same page regarding this? Am I wrong to think that?

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