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   Chapter 351 Running Twenty Laps

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The familiar woman who was standing next to the manager was no other than Bonnie.

She stood with a work card which stated "Assistant to the President" hanging on her neck.

While walking into the department, Carla thought, 'Since when did she become an assistant to the president?

And even if she is the assistant to the president, what is she doing here in the Sales Department in such an hour?'

The Sales Department was divided into several groups, with an average of about ten people in each group. The company conducted spot checks on everyone's performance every month, especially for new salesmen. They could only stay in the Sales Department if they passed the check.

"The sales performance of your group has declined recently. Thus, Mr. Noah sends his assistant to supervise our department. I hope for you to do your best this month. The management team needs to see improvements,"

said the sales manager as he began the spot checks. That explained why Bonnie was here, though it might be an excuse.

Carla stood at the end because she was the last to enter this department. While waiting, she took the opportunity to scan through the product introduction in her hand and try to memorize more.

However, it surprised her that someone was already standing in front of her even before she got a glimpse of the folder.

Bonnie immediately took the recitation materials from Carla's hand and deliberately raised her work card. She said, "Carla Ji, let me check and ask you!"

Raising her eyebrow slightly, Carla walked out of the crowd and stood before Bonnie.

She had already guessed that Bonnie intended to humiliate her the moment she saw Bonnie earlier. This thing going on now was just a confirmation of her thoughts.

This was just a small check so everyone only had several questions to answer. However, Bonnie asked her all the key contents listed on the materials.

It was good that Carla put a lot of effort into memorizing these things in the past several days. Thus, she didn't find answering Bonnie's questions was difficult at all.

Bonnie felt anxious upon seeing Carla swiftly going through the questions. So she deliberately chose some questions which were less important and employees would naturally pay less attention to. However, Carla was able to get the points of these questions too. Then, Bonnie picked questions that even the experienced salesman could not recite completely.

Carla was just a human being after all and not a machine. To make things worse, Bonnie even added complicated questions that were not even listed on Carla's recitation materials.

Naturally, Carla failed to answer her latest questions. Seeing Carla being dumbfounded made Bonnie secretly grin.

She then threw the very thick recitation materials to Carla and shouted, "Do you still want to work here, given your very low IQ? You're making me curious about how you even get into the Hua Group!"

Stunned, Car

He was looking at the building model on his computer when he gazed at his watch and thought of something. He immediately called his secretary in.

"Call the Sales Department and ask if Carla's passed the test," he ordered.

"Yes, Mr. Noah," answered the secretary. She then went out and followed his instructions.

It only took a minute before the secretary walked into his office again.

"Miss Carla didn't pass the test, Mr. Noah," the secretary reported.

"Oh? Why? She reviewed really hard for that. Didn't I order you to tell the sales manager to be lenient on her? Didn't you do that?" Irritation filled Noah's voice as he frowned at his secretary.

"Yes, I did. However... Miss Bonnie went there as your assistant and deliberately put Miss Carla on a hot seat. That's why Miss Carla failed to pass the test. What's worse, she is now..."

The secretary intentionally stopped talking before she finished her sentence and pointed to the track through the window, indicating Noah to look outside.

Noah automatically stood up and looked at where his secretary was pointing. But the track was too far from his office, so he couldn't see Carla at all. He stretched out his hand to gesture the secretary to take the telescope to him.

Frowning, he looked through the telescope and found Carla running and exhausted.

"This is nonsense!

Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?" Noah was utterly mad when he turned back to his secretary.

He knew that Carla's leg just recovered. Thus, she wasn't allowed to exercise that much.

"Since Miss Bonnie is your sister, the manager thought that you sent her on your behalf. It was the reason why he didn't let her pass as insisted by Miss Bonnie, nor did he report what Miss Bonnie did to Miss Carla," explained the secretary.

That was it. Noah strode to the door and didn't even bother to wear his coat. He shouted at the secretary, "Call Bonnie here! Tell her to wait for me in the office!"

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