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   Chapter 350 Someone Was Bullied And Someone Felt Sorry

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Seeing Carla not moving made Wendy even more irritated. Thus, she added, "You should know that being a newcomer here is already an honor. So, be grateful."

Listening to Wendy, Carla gasped deeply and then drank from her glass. She had been working all day and couldn't be more thankful that the water eased her thirst.

"Oh my God! Hurry up! The secretary already called again just a moment ago," Wendy pressed harder upon seeing Carla was procrastinating.

Thus, Carla unwillingly rose from her chair. She then walked towards the bucket while muttering, "Why didn't you send it up yourself earlier? You're the one who knows that it's urgent anyway."

Feebly, she carried the bucket of water and headed for the elevator.

She was terribly insulted by how Wendy bullied her.

She swore that she could have slammed on Wendy given a different situation. However, it wouldn't be wise for her to cause any trouble right now.

She was there for a reason and that was everything that mattered.

Carla never had a good start in life. Her parents died long ago, leaving her and Sean to live alone. She was still a little girl back then, but she was forced to man up at a tender age. She shouldered a lot of heavy work and responsibilities. Nonetheless, it was those things that toughened her up in the long run.

A few seconds later, the elevator reached the top floor. She was carrying the heavy bucket along the corridor when she came across a stranger. The surprise that registered on the man's face made Carla think that he knew her.

Thus, she nodded at him briefly and then continued to walk.

It was after she left that the man quietly took his phone out and shot a picture of her back.

Soon, Carla reached Noah's office. She paused a little before knocking on the door. She pushed the door open with her free shoulder after hearing someone let her in.

In the office, Noah was talking with his secretary when he saw Carla come in. Seeing the heavy bucket she was carrying, Noah was instantly stunned and confused.

Carla put the bucket down silently and removed the empty bucket from the top of the water dispenser.

She was about to lift the heavy bucket when a strong hand grasped her wrist and stopped her. Looking up, she saw Noah furrowing his eyebrows at her.

"Who asked you to do this?"

he demanded before effortlessly lifting the bucket and placing it on the water dispenser.

Carla refused to answer and wiped her sweaty forehead. She then bent down to get herself some water and gulped it down.

She had been so busy that she even forgot to drink enough.

After bottoming the cup up, she looked at Noah and asked, "I'm a newcomer who's working in the Distribution Department. Who else would do

o review the papers in her hand when she turned to Noah. Instantly, she smiled at him and replied, "That sounds great. You pick the place since you're the one who knows the best places here."

"Fine! So it's decided. Go to my office after your schedule and wait for me there."

Noah was ecstatic when he stroked her pink cheek. His eyes were staring at her tenderly.

Embarrassed by the sudden gentleness, Carla nodded, then dropped her head. She tried to concentrate on the papers she was holding but then frowned. "I hope I can pass today's test. It should be easy."

One of the company rules was to have newcomers recite their corporate culture and products. Everyone who had spent their first week in their post knew about this. They were required to take an exam which would cover corporate background, concepts, various rules and regulations, as well as the company's ace products and best sellers.

The Hua Group had a long history and profound corporate culture. Thus, they were very strict when it came to the rules.

Shaking his head affectionately, Noah smiled and then started the engine.

In reality, Carla didn't even need to work hard since she was from the Hua family.

No one would have the guts to blame her if she didn't work at all.

But Carla didn't want that. She was strong and motivated. She wanted to find her purpose for just about anything.

She was still reciting when their car entered the company's parking lot. She was silently murmuring about product performance and innovative designs while they were in the elevator.

She was ready. However, her heart immediately skipped a beat the moment she stepped into the department's office.

A familiar figure, which she hadn't seen for a couple of days, was standing beside the department manager who was in charge of her test.

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