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   Chapter 349 I Don’t Believe You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9973

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Noah laughed hard and looked away. He focused his eyes on the road ahead and then said in a low voice, "I don't trust you, Carla."

Caught unguarded, Carla bit her bottom lip for a second and cleared her throat. She badly needed to rebut. Thus, she answered, "The feeling is mutual."

She quickly turned away from Noah and didn't dare to look at him anymore.

Noah's laughter went louder with what she said. He gave her a glimpse and added, "I don't trust you. Just like now. I don't believe that you are not here for him. It's just that I can't turn you down.

And do you know what's worse?

Although I know that I can't trust you, I can't control my heart from believing you. Uncertain trust is dangerous."

Carla was speechless for a second. Blinking her eyes, she smiled and asked, "So you're saying that you're still believing me, right?"

Her eyes were clear and gorgeous. Thus, Noah couldn't help but look at her one more time. He withdrew one of his hands from the steering wheel and then held her hand. He replied in a tender voice, "I don't care about what happened in the past. I love you now. That's the only thing I'm certain about."

It was the basic reason why he could tolerate all her behaviors.

Lifting the corners of her lips, Carla didn't say anything. She discreetly pulled her hand from Noah's hold instead and then looked out of the car's window. Lost in her thoughts, she unconsciously held her chin.

She was smiling with her eyes glimmering. However, only she knew that she wasn't happy at all.

She might have Noah's love but she didn't love Noah the same way.

Love was always a selfish thing anyway. She could just sense that she and Noah were heading for a tragedy.

The scenery outside the car was passing by like a panorama. It was about an hour later that they reached HA City.

Meanwhile, in JA City, Terence just sent Rena home.

However, Rena wouldn't let go of Terence.

She had him locked inside her arms as if someone would steal him any time.

"Shall we visit your house, Terence?"

Hearing the woman, Terence patted her shoulder to comfort her. He then replied, "It's too late. You need to get inside now or your parents would get worried."

Displeased with his answer, Rena lowered her sight, landing on Terence's lips. She requested in a timid voice, "Fine. Kiss me and I'll leave."

Terence furrowed his eyebrows slightly. It was good that no one noticed how his expression changed for a while. Then, as if obliged, he lowered his head and kissed Rena on her forehead. "Done. Go home now."

"No! Not on the forehead. Here!"

Rena protested and pointed to her lips. She was clearly dissatisfied with what Terence did. It was obvious that she wouldn't get out of the car unless he did what she wanted.

"Ahem." Rainer broke the embarrassing moment by faking a cough. He checked the time and then reminded, "You promised Mr. Nicholas that you would visit him this evening, Mr. Terence."

Left with no c

Noah didn't wake her up and just let her sleep beside him.

"Are you awake? Let's go. We're already late for ten minutes,"

said Noah upon feeling her move.

"What? Oh, God! Why didn't you wake me up? It's my second day for work but I'm late. This doesn't look right!" Carla rubbed her hair in a hurry upon hearing Noah. She grabbed her bag in a hurry and then got out of the car.

She hadn't revealed her real identity yet as the legal heir of the Hua Group. Thus, her colleagues only knew her as a regular employee. She was scolded by her leader that day for being late.

She went to the restroom and washed her face with cold water right after coming out of her leader's office.

Then she raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror.

"You are very gutsy. It's your second day here and you dare to be late. The rest of us have even considered coming to work an hour earlier. How dare you be late?

What? Are you looking down upon your job? If you are so outstanding, then why don't you go to better departments?

Don't forget that you are just from BH City, a small place. You are lucky enough to get into the Hua Group. Face it."

The person talking was Wendy, one of her colleagues. She was obviously displeased with Carla being late for work.

Carla didn't say anything about Wendy's words. She got no plans of bringing more trouble to herself. Thus, she took a piece of tissue and silently wiped the water off her face. She then walked out of the restroom silently.

Since she was late today, she worked harder to make up for the time. She almost did all the work of her department this morning.

She even ended up sending water to other departments.

It was only after she sent the water that she sat on her spot.

However, Wendy came in and pointed to another pail of water even before Carla could rest. "Since I can see that you are utterly tired right now, I brought you another cushy job.

Mr. Noah's office is out of water. Go send it."

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