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   Chapter 348 I Want The Painting

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Carla returned to the auction house a few moments later.

Her sight immediately caught Terence who was sitting before her as soon as she sat. One of his arms was around Rena's shoulder as they talked sweetly.

"Where have you been? Why are your hands cold?" Noah asked.

Following the direction of Carla's gaze, Noah found who the woman was looking at. "What's wrong? I thought you two were together earlier. Why are you back so upset while he seems very happy sitting with that beauty?"

Carla withdrew her gaze and felt her eyes heating up. They began to brim with tears. Thus, she bowed her head and searched for a napkin. However, there wasn't any close to her. She turned to Noah and without further ado, pulled the edge of his sleeve and dried her tears.

Flattered by her sudden reaction, Noah placed his arm around the woman's shoulder and gently stroked her back. "Don't feel upset, okay? Moving on so fast only means that he doesn't deserve your love," he said. He then took a list and showed it to Carla.

"Stop crying and cheer up. Look at these items. Choose whatever you like."

Carla managed to distract her mind from Terence who was just sitting across her. There was no way around it anyway. She saw him bid for expensive items one after another and gave them all to Rena. It annoyed her so much that Terence didn't even turn to look at her as if she wasn't there at all.

It was easy to tell how pleased Rena was that time. She was smiling ear to ear.

The last item to be auctioned was a painting called Starry Night. Carla's eyes instantly lit up the moment she saw it. She cried, "Noah, I want the painting!"

It was the only one in the list that she thought was worth trying. She skipped the others as she didn't want to waste money on them. However, this one was outstanding and gorgeous in all sense.

"No problem!" responded Noah. He immediately held up the paddle in his hand.

Meanwhile, Carla was busy scrutinizing the painting that fascinated her so much. It was then that she heard Rena's voice coming from the front. "Terence, this painting is extremely beautiful. Could you bid it for me?"

"Sure. You can have anything you want. Just raise your paddle." Terence's voice was mild. Rena then excitedly raised the paddle in her hand.

Only a few dared to bid on items whenever Terence was involved.

However, Noah was determined to go against him so it was different this time around.

The price started at one million. However, the bid hit fifty million in just a few minutes and was still going up.

"Noah, stop! I don't want it anymore. It's getting

ised by what she heard. "Why? And then? Was anybody injured? He didn't mean to do that, right?" she pressed, waiting for the rest of the story.

Noah evaded her stare and looked ahead. He stopped the car and gazed at the traffic light. It was red.

"I thought there was something wrong with the car at first. So I told him to relax and I'll take responsibility for everything,"

he continued, laughing emptily as he recalled the scene.

"I was more than disappointed when he told the police that it was me who instructed him to run over those people. He even said that I did it because I spotted my competitor on the sidewalk."

Silence occupied the car after Noah paused. "It was good that no one was killed or injured by the incident. After the investigation, the police announced me as innocent and I wasn't to be blamed for it."

A sigh of relief came from Carla as he finished. "You were lucky that the police were wise and didn't mistake you for it."

Although she had no clue about what exactly happened, Carla was aware of how it was like to be betrayed.

The lights turned green. Thus, Noah started driving again.

"That's the reason why I prefer to drive myself. I will be driving as long as my health permits. I wouldn't get a chauffeur again."

Nodding, Carla understood Noah's worries. As people would say, once bitten, twice shy. It might be like a mental obstacle that Noah needed to overcome.

"I see. So you only believe in yourself now and rarely trust others because of that?" she asked.

Looking at her, Noah mildly grinned, "Not really. I still trust people around me. It's just that I don't trust everyone the same way."

Carla looked back and asked slowly, "Oh. Then how much do you trust me now?"

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