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   Chapter 347 Do It Every Time We Meet

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8079

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Carla was about to step up when Noah hurriedly pulled her back.

"Are you serious? Can't you just behave a bit, Carla?"

whispered Noah while gripping her hand. "You're my date tonight, moreover, my fiancee. Are you even aware that we're in public? I don't care about what you think but I do care about what others think. Show me some respect, alright?"

Turning back to Noah, Carla replied, "Relax, okay? I still have my senses. I won't blow it up."

Although she was mesmerized by Terence, she still kept her guards up. She promised not to do anything inconsiderately.

Also, she didn't think that Noah would take her to similar gatherings again if she screwed this night up.

Her credits mattered.

"Good to know. The auction will start in ten minutes. Don't wander too far," Noah whispered again upon noticing some business acquaintances approaching them.

"Okay," acknowledged Carla.

Then politely, she nodded at the two men walking towards them.

They exchanged greetings with them for a while before Carla found an excuse to leave.

She couldn't take her mind off Terence, who was still surrounded by elites. She took up a plate of snacks and stood in a corner. She was eating while watching all the glamorous people passing by. All of them were corporate giants and celebrities. For some reason, that charity event appeared more like a power battle than a party.

Carla had been eyeing Rena, who was Terence's date, from the beginning.

Her arms were tightly wrapped around Terence's. Rena was deliberately clinging to him like a delicate bird, making sure that everyone understood who owned the man beside her.

Carla, on the other hand, took a sip of red wine. She was just glancing around casually as if everything wasn't interesting at all. However, she was keenly watching Terence discreetly through her peripheral vision. There was not even a second that her attention left the man. She was counting the number of women who tried hitting on him and had been blocked by Rena.

What a surprise! Rena was indeed the best guard there.

At that same moment, Noah, who was also radiating with charisma, was already being surrounded by a league of beautiful women.

They flocked to him like fireflies upon seeing him alone.

A woman in a blue dress was even leaning close to him intimately, talking and laughing with him all the time.

It was then that Carla noticed Terence w

She never expected to hear those from him at all.

Exhaling deeply, Terence looked at her. "I didn't mean to tell you. But since we've met, I'd better let you know. I'll marry Rena in two months if everything goes smoothly.

However, if you still haven't given up on me, I wouldn't mind you throwing yourself on me as I said."

Carla was beyond stunned. It took her a while to process his words. She shook her head after a while and said, "What are you talking about? Terence! Don't be joking!"

No, she couldn't believe it.

This couldn't be true.

She couldn't even figure out how he managed to say those! This was outright impossible!

"Joking? Do you think I will joke on my grandfather? Although I couldn't give him a grandson yet, at least I could make him watch me get married. That's the only thing I could do to fulfill my filial piety."

He then forcefully pulled his hand off Carla's grip and gave out an ironic chuckle. "You know what? I had always thought that I couldn't live without you. However, my father was right. We're not meant to be."

After he finished, Terence disappeared into the side door.

Carla was left alone, shivering.

She shook her head. No way!

There was no way she could make it in two months!

He would already be someone else's husband even before she settled the Hua family's business.

She could feel her heart screaming in pain just by the thought of Terence sleeping and caring for another woman day and night.

She didn't want to be with Noah but all these situations were leaving her with no choice.

What Terence did was killing her.

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