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   Chapter 346 Meeting Terence

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Noah was never the type of person who drifted off from his dates. However, for Carla, he made an exception.

He checked the time and found himself behind the schedule. It was either he left now or he would be late.

Thus, he planned to push the car door open to see if Carla was good with the dress. However, he wasn't ready for the pleasant surprise to welcome him. The wedding dress store's glass door opened right at the moment he looked up.

Then, just like in the movies, everything around him seemed to slow down, leaving just a stunning beauty running out of the door towards him.

With one of her hands pulling the dress and the other holding her pair of high heels, Carla looked exactly like a ragged Cinderella; beautiful, astounding and most of all, very special.

Noah had seen hundreds of delicate girls in fancy dresses. But none of them equaled to the woman sprinting airily right now with her sports shoes on. She was just perfect.

A writer once said, "there are too many good faces in the world yet too few interesting souls."

Carla's beauty was more than skin deep. She wasn't displaying her beauty on purpose. Nonetheless, it was still undeniable.

Lost in his thoughts, Noah just couldn't help but stare at her.

It was only after Carla knocked at his window that he finally came back to his senses. Realizing that the door was still locked, he immediately pressed the lock button.

Carla immediately opened the door and got into the backseat. She then put her high heels away and said, "Noah, please drive!"

Looking at her through the rearview mirror, Noah started the engine and asked, "Did you spend the whole twenty minutes just changing your dress?"

"No. I was bargaining with them. This dress is so expensive and they don't rent it." Carla sighed heavily then leaned back in the backseat.

Noah was speechless.

He never really cared about the prices whenever he was shopping. Curiously, he looked at the high heels. "How about these shoes? Did you buy them at the wedding dress store?"

"No, I didn't buy them. When I was trying on the dress, the shoes fitted me perfectly, so I spent some time begging them to give the shoes to me."

While speaking, Carla fumbled inside her bag to get some makeup tools. She didn't have the time to have a makeup artist do her makeup, so she had to do it by herself on the way.

Noah was once again speechless.

Considering how wealthy Carla was now, it was amusing that she still kept her frugal habits.

"I'll transfer some money to your

stop his pride from bragging, knowing that he was with this beautiful woman.

Although her dress was bought at a bargained price, Carla still looked like a princess tonight. The light pink dress wasn't glamorous at all but then she made it look perfect.

She wasn't wearing any jewelry. However, it was her pureness and cleanliness that made her stand out.

"Wait, look at how others make their entrance." Noah called her as Carla was just heading towards on her own.

"Oh! I'm sorry."

Hearing him, Carla stopped walking and observed the couple ahead. The woman was holding the man's arms and together they walked slowly and gracefully.

As if on cue, she nodded at Noah and waited for him to stand by her. She then grabbed his arms and imitated the woman ahead of them. They began to walk.

As soon as they reached the gate and handed the staff their invitation, an announcement boomed inside the hall.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Let us all welcome the arrival of Mr. Noah from the Hua Group and his date!"

The moment it was announced, a man who was standing in the middle of the crowded hall immediately turned at the entrance.

At the same time, Carla was glancing around the hall the second she came in. She soon found Terence who was stunningly handsome and elegant while being surrounded by the crowd.

Seeing Terence, Carla couldn't help bursting into a smile. She didn't come in vain.

Terence, on the other hand, was staring at Carla too. Their eyes were instantly welded. For a moment, Carla felt like everyone in there just melted in the background, leaving her and Terence alone.

Her smile went broader.

She let go of Noah's arm and walked towards him.

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