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   Chapter 345 Carla Wanted To Go To The Charity Banquet

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Noah was trying to pick up a pen from the brush pot when he heard his secretary ask him a question. After giving her a quick glance, he replied, "Call Miss Megan, please."

As the boss of the AJ Group, Terence must also have been invited to the charity event. Since Carla had just returned from JA City, Noah didn't want her to meet Terence again so soon. He believed that would affect her adversely.

"Yes, sir," the secretary replied as she turned to head out of the room.

"Wait a minute."

Noah stopped her abruptly.

"Please check and inform me who would be accompanying Terence tonight, the CEO of the AJ Group,"


At the Distribution Department.

Carla could tell what the Distribution Department was responsible for when she simply saw its name. It wasn't so different from delivering food which she did while she worked at a restaurant.

Back when she was a delivery girl, she had to deliver food into the many blocks in the city all by herself. Now the Distribution Department here was divided into both internal distribution and external distribution.

As Carla worked in the internal one, her office was right next to the Purchasing Department which was responsible for purchasing while people in the Internal Distribution Department were supposed to deliver things to other divisions within the company. The building where the Hua Group was situated was indeed so big that, there were so many organizations and departments in it. Innumerable files needed to be transferred amongst them.

Whenever a need arose, Carla and her colleagues would receive a call. They then had to send things to a specific place as per their requirements.

Sometimes, it was tiresome for Carla to run between many floors. But this job enabled her to be familiar with other departments in just a matter of a few days. It was the best way to know about the internal structure of the company.

Carla realized that not all the companies had the same functional organizational structure. A company might build some special departments to meet its own unique needs.

After heading back from the Finance Department, Carla right now was in a washroom and took the chance to take a badly needed short break.

There were several people in the Distribution Department. Carla was new, so instead of staying in the office, she always was the one who'd rush out to do all the delivering job herself. She kept walking and running for a whole day, which eventually made her exhausted. Her muscles were sore.

At this time, Carla overheard two girls out of the stall gossiping, "We've just dealt with a huge fiscal expenditure. It was used for some charitable purpose. And Mr. Noah is going to go to that charity auction tonight."

"We do that every year. As the competition in the business world is getting fiercer, it's a necessity for companies to build a good image by doing things like

g as you can get yourself all dressed up to suit such an occasion in twenty minutes, I will take you to the charity event with me."

"Oh, Noah. I don't think it will be appropriate. Miss Megan will still be your date. I'll appear alongside you two like your... secretary. So, I don't need to dress up."

Carla refused to obey him.

She assumed that it would be easier for her to get into the hall if she was with Noah. She didn't intend to stand in the spotlight with Noah. She just wanted to see Terence.

Noah then watched her. "Carla, everybody knows that you are my fiancee. If you want to step into a public place like that, you have to stand alongside me. You seriously think it would be an act of decency for you to walk after me and another woman while we get in?

Go get dressed up. That's my one and only condition if you really want to come with me."

He shot a firm glance at the clock and urged her, "Two minutes have passed. You sure about intending to keep standing here?"

Carla then came to her senses and rushed out of the office.

Megan was startled by Carla's unexpected appearance. Carla fixed her eyes on Megan's dress for several seconds. She was thinking if there was any chance to borrow her dress. But she got that thought out of her mind in a matter of seconds.

She already felt guilty for hogging her date. It would be too cruel to rob her dress as well now.

What was more important, they probably didn't share the same size. So, what could she do now?

Out of the blue, an image of a wedding dress store on the first floor in the same building appeared in her mind. She had seen it during several occasions while she was on the way to work. And some of the dresses could be good choices for a charity event.

She hurriedly headed to the elevator. She badly wanted to be punctual today.

About twenty minutes later, Noah stopped his car at the door of the wedding dress store.

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