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   Chapter 344 Carla Came To The Hua Group

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Carla immediately straightened up and stood aside upon hearing the voice outside the door.

Although she already knew Noah and didn't like him that much, she came into the company as an employee. Thus, Noah was still her boss. It was just rightful of her to respect him here to some degree.

It was then that the secretary opened the door and Noah came in.

His eyes instantly landed on his desk and saw how it was obviously messed up by someone. He then turned to Carla who was standing next to the desk while looking back at him innocently. It was as if she didn't do anything.

Without any response, Noah went straight to his desk. He was about to sit when he noticed a gray footprint on his black leather chair. It wasn't that big and the shoe size already gave away who the culprit was.

Thinking, he shot Carla another look. On the other hand, Carla was too busy either looking at the ceiling or checking the sole of her shoe. Thus, she didn't see the wry smile that cracked Noah's lips.

'Same, good old Carla. It seems that she didn't change at all. She's still the type of person who dares to love and hate at the same time. More so, the kind who won't allow anyone to humiliate or bully her, ' he thought.

"I asked you to come here to give you some pointers. I'm your superior in this company. I hope you can keep your personal and professional life separate. Don't bring unnecessary emotions to work. All you need to do here is to work properly."

While talking, Noah walked up to Carla and looked at her under his nose. She was a lot shorter than him.

He continued, "There are only very few people here who knows about our relationship. I hope you don't feel bad about it. Keeping your identity a secret is for the sake of the Hua Group and the Hua family."

Allen just died. It wouldn't be good for everyone to know who his biological daughter was at this time since that would leak the fact that his previous children were all adopted. That was one of the most valuable secrets of the Hua family. The Hua family was a rich and noble one and anything that could affect its image would eventually harm the Hua Group.

It was the reason why Allen and Andrea chose not to disclose this matter publicly.

While gazing at Carla, Noah casually noticed a pen cap in her jean pocket. The pen looked familiar. It was like he had seen it somewhere before.

"Carla, no matter how much you hate me and don't want to see me anymore, I hope you can calm down when facing me.

I have devoted too much energy and time to the Hua family for so long. You might think that I'm not ready to give up my power and position. You might also say that I lust for wealth. I'm not going to deny that. I have worked hard to get all this. I don't have plans of losing them.

It's just human nature. I don't think my idea is wrong," said Noah firmly.

After a couple of blinks, Carla just glanced at Noah and looked away. He continued, "You are not me, Carla. You won't understand my struggles. I can only hope for you to understand me. I'll be satisfied even if you just give me a little understanding. Moreover, I'm still hoping for you


It could have been better if Noah is indifferent to me. Why does he have to be so kind? I'd rather be ruthless in dealing with him!' wondered Carla.

Shaking her head, Carla told herself to calm down and stop thinking too much.

She looked ahead and found that she had arrived at the Distribution Department.

Meanwhile, with his chin propped in one of his palms, Noah stood by the glass wall inside his office while the cleaner behind him was fixing his desk.

'I once said that I was willing to fight against anyone to get Carla's love.

I must win her heart if I want to be in a win-win situation.

However, the trust between Carla and Terence is far stronger than I expected.

Carla may be kind but that doesn't mean she isn't smart.

She sometimes looks heartless but actually, she is very rational.

Even I don't have the power to push her to just do what I want.

It seems like this situation has already been concluded.

I can't be too anxious about making Carla obey me. Otherwise, she would just get more and more disgusted with me.

Nonetheless, if I'm not really in a hurry to get anything, Carla would see Terence over and over for sure. Everything I have done will go to waste if the two get together, ' he thought.

"Everything has been tidied up, Mr. Noah," said a voice from his behind.

The secretary was responsible for sorting out the documents on the table and the cleaner had already gone out.

That call made Noah come back to his senses. He turned around and walked to his desk. He was just about to sit down when he saw the clean leather chair. He couldn't help laughing.

Then he sat down and took the documents he was going to read and sign today.

"Mr. Noah, there is a charity dinner in the evening. We are invited.

The dinner is going to be held at the Angel Charity Hall in JA City. Do you want me to invite Miss Megan to come with you? Or are you going to the dinner party with your fiancee? Let me know once you already have a decision. I'll have it ready in advance,"

the secretary stood aside and said dutifully.

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