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   Chapter 343 Noah's Revenge

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Uncomfortable silence was echoing through the corridor as Carla walked upstairs.

The atmosphere was eerie and only her mild footsteps could be heard through the house. She turned to the direction of her room as soon as she reached the second floor. However, she never expected to see Noah standing before her door while looking at her coldly.

"So you still remember the way of coming back home, huh? I thought you've already forgotten where we live," he mocked.

Carla paused for a while and looked back at him. She then passed by him and opened the door. She walked in her room as if she hadn't heard him at all.

However, Noah quickly grabbed her arm angrily as soon as she stepped into her room. He immediately frowned when his sight landed on her injured hand. He asked, "What happened to your hand? Were you looking for Terence in JA City?"

Carla pulled his hand away and deliberately deadpanned him again.

She tried to walk away from the man but Noah grabbed her arm again. He forcefully turned her by her shoulders this time and made her look back at him. "I'm asking you, Carla! Didn't you hear what I said? Where have you been? Why weren't you answering your phone? Why did you turn it off?" Noah madly shouted.

Cocking her head to the side, Carla just stared at him instead. "You've promised not to interfere with my freedom, haven't you?" she asked.

She tried to pull her hand away from him but Noah wouldn't let her go. His grip on her arm tightened even worse.

Thus, she could only sneer, "If my memory serves me right, you also said that you would never interfere with my plans even if I wanted to go back and live in JA City. I just went back there to pay a visit to my brother today. Why are you overreacting?"

"Went back to pay a visit to your brother?

Don't mess with me, Carla. Did you go there for Terence? Your leg just recovered. Why are you so eager to go back because of him?"

The defiance on Carla's face was making Noah's anger burn more. It seemed that the woman was ready to pay any price for whatever she did.

"Right! I wanted to see Terence! So what?"

Caving in was not exactly in Carla's mind that time. Thus, she raised her head and proudly provoked him even more.

Hearing what she said, Noah angrily grabbed her arm and hurled her to the bed. Carla fell with a bounce but Noah was instantly above her. He roared, "What, Callie? Are you so eager for men's body? It has only been a few days since you met him last time! Why are you acting like a wanton cougar now? Why are you so thirsty?

Don't you dare tell me that you just asked him to reconcile with you! What now? Did he agree to take you back?"

Those statements were bitch slaps on Carla's face. She looked at him, fearless, and insultingly smiled. "Are you jealous, Noah?"

Noah closed his eyes impatiently upon seeing her laughing in his face.

"Callie, if you really want someone to make

w! Goodbye!"

"Okay! Goodbye!" replied Albert while laughing. He waved his hand at her and then shook his head. She was still sitting in a wheelchair the last time they met. But now here she was, alive and kicking.

Albert's pass card was the perfect tool. She got to the top floor without any issue at all. The top floor was where all the executive offices were located, including Noah's.

"Hello, Miss Carla. This way, please. Mr. Noah is currently in a meeting. It will be over soon. You can wait in his office for the moment."

Noah's secretary came over and led her to Noah's office.

Observing how the secretary reacted to her, Carla could tell that the secretary was aware that she was coming. She followed her into Noah's office silently while wondering why she didn't inform the receptionist about her arrival at all.

Well, no need to say, it was more than obvious that Noah was power-tripping against her. With that in her mind, Carla ruthlessly turned Noah's executive chair to her and stepped one of her feet on it. She then leisurely tied her shoelace without care if she was damaging the luxurious chair.

She turned to his desk after that and deliberately messed all the documents which had been neatly filed there before her arrival.

A beautiful pen standing in a container took her attention. It looked grand. Thus, she took the innocent pen and scribbled on his desk using it. She was about to return the pen on its container but then she changed her mind.

The pen looked expensive and very useful, so she put it in her jean's pocket instead.

She really intended to wear a shirt and jeans today as she knew that novices in companies would inevitably do some trivial and tiring things. It would be inappropriate for her to walk on high-heels while doing all those stuff.

"Mr. Noah, your schedule for today has been put on the table..."

Before long, Carla heard the secretary talking to Noah at the door.

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