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   Chapter 342 Heart Transplant Surgery

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It was almost time to leave. Carla stood up and bade goodbye to Nicholas. Walking out of the ward, she decided that she should return to HA City.

She must go back and take up the post as soon as possible. The situation was critical and every day mattered.

Terence was right. Although he could afford to wait, Nicholas might be unable to.

She wouldn't forgive herself if Nicholas died with regrets regardless of how Terence planned to soothe her if that really happened.

Just as Carla stepped into the elevator, Terence came out from the other one and headed toward Nicholas's ward.

As a result, they missed each other in the blink of an eye.

Carla went downstairs and hurried to take a taxi. She headed straight to Sean's school.

In the ward, Nicholas sensed some movements outside the door.

He thought Carla had forgotten something and thus returned.

"Carla, is that you? Have you forgotten anything?

If you don't mind, stay with me for a little longer," he babbled as every old man would. That was when the door completely opened and Terence came in.

"Oh, it's you. I thought Carla hadn't gone yet," Nicholas said with mild disappointment.

Terence noticed the flowers and supplements on the table as he approached the old man. Those made him instantly understand why his grandfather mentioned Carla.

"Has she been here?" he asked casually.

"Yes, who else do you think would make your grandpa so happy except her?" Nicholas nodded. He was obviously flooded with joy. He was still smiling like a child when he added, "She just left. Didn't you see her?"

Terence pulled a chair and sat by the bedside. Grabbing the kettle on the table and pouring some water into a cup, he just simply replied, "No." He then handed the water to Nicholas.

"Oh, thanks! Aren't you guys seeing each other lately?" Nicholas asked in surprise as he took the cup.

Terence didn't say anything about it. Rather, he turned the conversation away from the topic and asked back, "Have you made any decisions yet about your heart surgery, Grandpa?"

A deep sigh escaped Nicholas's chest upon hearing about his health. He gave a feeble wave with his hand before saying, "As I've said many times before, I'm too old to have such a big surgery.

This heart has been serving me all my life. It's a part of me. I don't think I can afford to replace it."

"So you are sayin

I was thinking, you don't like Terence anymore. Thus, you've kicked him away!" Sean blinked his eyes while looking at her disdainfully.

Carla snorted. Then without further ado, she reached out to hit the child's forehead.

"That's nonsense! Am I that kind of person?"

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. Otherwise, I'll disown you!"

Sean blurted before putting his attention back to his food.

However, Carla had already lost her appetite. Her mind was reeling nonstop. 'Where on earth did Sean get that idea? Who told him those things?'

After dinner, Carla sent Sean back to school.

Later, she hurried to grab a taxi and headed back to HA City.

It was almost midnight when she arrived home.

"Oh my! You're finally home, Miss Carla." Nola came over to her as soon as Carla opened the door. Then the maid added, "Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Noah are worried about you."

Carla immediately changed her shoes while on the doorway.

She walked inside while saying, "I'm sorry, Nola. I just went out to visit my brother. I was rushing back after seeing him."

Carla was already heading upstairs when she asked again, "Is my mother here?"

"No, she isn't. But she would be here tomorrow. You should relax before you two meet. Mr. Noah has been looking for you these past few days. He is upstairs right now and in a really bad mood."

Nola looked a bit anxious as she looked at her.

"Thank you, Nola. It's already late. You can go and sleep."

Continuing her steps, Carla shook her head slightly as she thought, 'Cheers, Carla. You can't hide from what's been doomed, huh?'

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