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   Chapter 341 Nicholas In Hospital

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"Please, leave,"

Terence responded faintly, looking at the unfinished document on the table without raising his head.

"Okay, I'm leaving. I mean it. I'm really leaving now,"

Carla said, frowning as she noticed that he wasn't about to raise his head and look at her.

"Okay," Terence said.

"Well, goodbye then!" Carla said angrily.

Terence didn't say anything.

Carla looked at him as she bit her lower lip. She felt a despondency that she couldn't put in words. It brought home the thought that perhaps all her efforts had been in vain.

She had tired herself out trying to satisfy him as he sat and enjoyed her efforts. But now he was acting like nothing had happened and barely looked at her as she began to leave.

She wasn't up to take any nonsense from him and really walked towards the door, determined to leave. But the moment she reached the door, something important sprang to her mind.

So she turned around.

"Umm... Do you have any cash on you?"

Carla asked. And then she saw his wallet on the table. She bent to take it but Terence's hand shot out to stop her.

He opened his wallet, took out all the cash in it, and put the cash on the table.

"I'll transfer the money to you when I get back," Carla said. She took the cash and shoved it into her pocket without saying thanks.

She didn't take much cash though. And she also didn't want to power her mobile phone back on because she knew that Noah and Andrea would call her over and over again. She really didn't want to talk to them right now.

Therefore, she thought it was convenient to have some cash on her.

She still needed to eat and then take a taxi, so she needed money a little desperately.

And this time, Carla really did exit Terence's office.

Once she left, Terence took a deep breath and rubbed his temples as he leaned back on his chair. He stared for a long time at the door through which Carla had left.

His gaze shifted to the wallet lying beside him. He opened it and sifted through, and exhaled as he saw Carla's picture was still well stuffed into it.

He took the picture out of his wallet, opened the drawer and put the picture in there.

"Mr. Terence, I've postponed the meeting for an hour. But do you still want to have the meeting today? I can cancel it if you like," Rainer asked.

Rainer finally dared to come in a while after Carla left.

"Oh, yes. I'll attend the meeting, of course. And arrange a car for me after the meeting. I'm going to visit Grandpa,"

be very accurate.

I will be twenty-four soon. Maybe next year, you will really be able to see your great-grandson. So you must take care of your health, okay?"

Nicholas laughed. He never believed in superstition but he didn't refute her at this moment.

He chose to humor her instead. "Okay, I'll wait for the birth of my great-grandson. Now, stop crying. Every time I'm in hospital, there will always be someone crying in front of me. But I'm always discharged safely, am I not?

Carla, the doctor has said that as long as I keep myself warm, I'll be around for three to five years. So don't worry about me. Just follow your own plans!"

Carla smiled and nodded. "Then tell me, Grandpa Nicholas, do you like boys or girls?"

Nicholas blurted out, "Of course girls! There are three sons in the Ans and they've been mischievous all their lives. I'm tired of that!

Every time I see anybody else's beautiful little granddaughters holding on to their grandpa's neck, I become really jealous!"

Nicholas said, a smile full of longing taking its place on his face.

"Okay! I promise I'll give you a great-granddaughter no matter what," Carla said earnestly.

"Okay. But Carla, I'll like my great-grandchild irrespective of whether it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's created by you and Terence," Nicholas said with a laugh.

On the other side, Terence had finished the meeting and was on the way to the hospital.

Not long after, he arrived at the destination.

"Mr. Terence, everything is ready. Shall we go in?" Rainer asked politely as he took everything they needed.

Terence nodded grimly.

They then headed for the inpatient department.

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