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   Chapter 340 What Was Happening Inside

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Carla walked straight towards Terence's office desk after she stepped in.

Terence immediately stood up from his office chair the moment he heard the familiar footsteps. He gestured towards the sofa and poured two cups of tea for them.

"So, just go straight to the point and make it quick," Terence spoke as he sat down on the sofa. "I have a meeting later."

Carla sat down beside him and accepted the cup of tea offered by him. Slowly, she took a sip.

Then she spoke up, "As you wish, I will cut to the chase. I'll be working with the Hua Group. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable in doing business. I hope you could teach me and give me some advices."

Terence glanced at her as he sipped his tea before he replied coldly, "You are not going to work here. How could I give you advices when you're going to be based in HA City?"

A smile spread on Carla's face. "Well, I'm pretty sure that there're going to be projects that will allow us to cooperate in the coming days. If you teach me well then I can do better and those projects will go more smoothly. Don't you think so?"

Knowing the AJ Group's reputation, countless businessmen would like to cooperate with them in order to have profits. If she could gain Terence's support, she would easily get promoted even if she was a new employee.

With Terrence being an important figure in the AJ Group, why wouldn't she seek help from him? He was her man, after all.

When she finished her cup, she set it down on her table. She looked at Terence and held his arm, awaiting his confirmation.

"Let me ask you a question. Am I supporting you or Noah? You know, since both of you are from the Hua Group, supporting you is actually helping him, right?"

Terence mindlessly tore Carla's hand away from his arm. He tried his best not to look at the clothes she was wearing today, keeping his composure.

"If this is your only purpose coming here today, there is no bother for you to do so. Remember, I am a businessman so I will choose anything that will give me profit. Why would I bother with things that give me no good?"

Carla frowned and chewed her lip. She immediately tackled Terence on the sofa, straddling him, her hands pressing down beside his shoulders. She gave him a fiery look.

She retorted, "Are you telling me that I will do you no good? If I marry you, the half of the Hua Group will belong to you. Now, do you still believe that I will bring you no good?"

She didn't rip her sight from his eyes and kept on glaring.

Mixed emotions were present in Terence's eyes. He looked

expect that all those theories Nathan just stated were his own reasoning.

Even so, he agreed to what Nathan said. Only Mr. Terence knew what was running inside his mind.

And the silence had filled between the two brothers again as they stayed outside.

Inside the room, Terence and Carla lay panting on the sofa. Both of them were sweaty and Carla lay down on top of Terence.

It took quite a long time for them to finish this round of love-making activity.

Terence took a deep breath and pulled Carla away from him. He stood up and quickly zipped up his pants.

"Put on your clothes. You have to leave now," he ordered.

Carla put on her clothes and sat lazily against the sofa. She looked up cozily at Terence. "Let me take a rest for a while, at the least. I am really exhausted. And I feel sore all over."

When he finally buckled up his belt, he took out a new shirt to put on. Then he turned to her and said coldly, "Find somewhere else to sleep. This is my office and you already made such a mess."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry."

Carla glared and huffed at him.

She grabbed her shoes and put them on. All she felt was sore and pain all over her body as she managed to sit straight on the sofa. Then she took out her mirror from her purse and fixed her make-up and her hair.

Secretly, she cursed in her heart, 'Men must be tired very much in this love-making activity. I am so glad I wasn't born one.'

After she finished fixing herself, she stood up and walked towards Terence.

She took the cup from his table and gulped down all the water in it. Then she raised her head to look at Terence.

She tucked her hair behind her ear before she whispered, "Well, I am leaving now."

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