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   Chapter 339 Don't Pretend Anymore!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9584

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Carla could not help grunting in pain. The bottles on the table behind her got broken into pieces. When she raised her hand, she saw that her hand was pierced by small glass fragments and blood was spilling out.

She looked up at Terence, but noticed that he was trying to avoid her gaze.

Desperate, she only shook her head.

Tears began to well up.

She used to be showered by Terence's love and care but now she wasn't even worth a second glance from him.

Clenching her fists, Carla panted and struggled to stand up. Then she smiled at Terence.

"Mr. Terence An, I want to thank you. Thank you for taking care of me and Sean back in the days. Thank you for loving and tolerating me. You are the first man who made me feel that I am more important than anything else. I always dreamed of growing old with you until the last day we breathe. From the day I decided to be yours, I've been trying my best to love you and protect you. I want to be a woman deserving your love. I won't be ashamed of doing crazy things for our love. Maybe we are just not meant to be."

Carla took a deep breath and wiped away her tears with her uninjured hand. "Thank you for loving me so much, Terence. I hope in our next lives, we will be together. The moment I get out of here, we won't have any relations with each other anymore. Please apologize to Grandpa Nicholas for me since I have let him down."

Carla spouted out whatever coming into her mind at this moment before she bowed slightly to him.

With tears threatening to spill from her eyes, she smiled and walked towards the door.

When she was about to turn the doorknob, she heard Rena's voice shout, "Terence!"

Her eyes widened when she felt Terence's hand gripping her injured wrist. Then he opened the door, bringing her along with him.

"Terence?" Rena called him again.

She also followed them out immediately.

Despite the pain Carla felt as Terence held her, she could not help curving her lips upwards, forming a slight smile.

She thought, 'See, Terence? You can't pretend not to love me.'

Terrence dragged her towards his car. She sat in the front seat while Rena helped herself at the back. Then he immediately started the engine and headed for the hospital.

As she was examined by the doctor, Carla tightly closed her eyes and gritted her teeth to endure the pain. The doctor carefully removed the fragments in her hand and then treated the wounds with medicines. "And we're done," the doctor spoke after he had finished wrapping her hand in a bandage.

"It's alright now. Keep the wounds dry. Clean them and change the bandages regularly while you recover," the doctor advised.

The doctor had finally packed up. "If you will excuse me, I do have a patient at Room 245. Have a good evening." Then the doctor gave a slight bow and walked away.

"Terence, she can manage hersel

t day, Carla woke up early. It had been a while ever since she slept comfortably. She immediately prepared herself some coffee to give her a boost.

The past two weeks was hell for her. She couldn't even sleep properly. It was two weeks of lonely nights and seeing Terence last night made her feel a bit better.

After she had finished fixing herself, she decided to take her time. She went shopping and went to the salon. She had all the time she would need before she dropped by at the AJ Building.

She didn't bring much clothes since she had made a quick decision to come to JA City.

Carla wasn't the type to wear clothes that showed off her figure but for some strange reason, she had bought a set. She wore a tank top inside and a black see-through top, showing off her curves while keeping a hint of mystery.

Then she put on a loose skirt which reached above her knees.

After she had decided for her outfit, she put on some earrings and some makeup and then made her way to the AJ Building.

Probably Terence had prepared for her visit in advance since there wasn't any difficulty in entering his office.

Finally she arrived in front of the door of his office.

It was Rainer who greeted her and he gave her a smile and nod. "Good day, Miss Carla. Please wait for a moment. I'll inform Mr. Terence of your arrival."

Rainer entered and then came back out after a few moments.

"Miss Carla, Mr. Terence is only free for twenty minutes as he will be having a meeting afterward. Please make it short."

Carla raised her eyebrows in surprise and thought to herself, 'Twenty minutes? That isn't enough.'

Then she spoke up to Rainer, "Very well. Thank you, Rainer. Please stay outside and don't let anybody in. Even if twenty minutes have passed, don't let anyone in if I don't go out yet."

Before Rainer was given a chance to respond, Carla pushed the door and made her way in.

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